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 Welcome to "Taking The Pause of Praise"

We all need to pause and Give God Praise many times a day, no matter what kind of day we may be having!Taking The Pause of Praise

1 Chronicles 16:1-7


In today’s world we find ourselves so busy, and we loose track of time, the time we really need. The saying “time flies when you are having fun.” Remember that.

Before we moved back to Alabama this last time, I was giving thanks all the time, many times – but due to our move this time, I barely have time now to take care of myself, because of all the drama, the arguments people was causing and those who just cant get along, I have been sick pretty much the whole entire time we’ve been back.

But, I do find time to give Thanks to the Lord, no matter if my house gets cleaned or not, I don’t have the energy to do anything because I stay sick most of the time with something, and so much stress my family has placed upon me, no one wants to help anyone, or be a true family, all everyone wishes to do is cause drama.

But, I give Thanks to God anyway for all He has done and all He has blessed me with, because He has, God has been wonderful to me, and my husband.

I know I am far from being perfect, but there is one thing I am sure of “My God Loves me and He is there for me – so I have so much to Thank Him for." We all need to be Thankful and give God Praise for all He’s done and going to do in our lives.

When we stop and thank God in the middle of what we are doing –– it blesses God to see there are people who praise him no matter what.

If, we all would stop and give praise to God, for all he has done in our lives several times a day, wouldn’t never have to worry about anything.

Doesn’t matter, who you are or where you are from, or what you have or what you don’t have. Bless God with your praises, because after – all if it wasn’t for Him you wouldn’t have what you have.

Psalms 119:164 – says He took time to pray and praise God seven times a day and all night long.

We all need to pause and Give God Praise many times a day, no matter what kind of day we may be having!

Like David, he gave thanks to God for all his great and wondrous works, and his mercy! 1 Chronicles 16:7 He gave praises to God for His Mercy, His Salvation, the deal of gods goodness –– give thanks and give praise to God for all He’s done and going to do.

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