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Did you know in the Old Testament days, that they stopped up the wells with stones and they used as a weapon to defeat one’s enemy?Taking Away –– Giving Free Flow

2 Kings 3:19


Did you know in the Old Testament days, that they stopped up the wells with stones and they used as a weapon to defeat one’s enemy?

You know who our enemy is …. The devil and he still uses that weapon against us to this day –– isn’t that just awful –– he’s a buzzard and he just keeps on with his evil tactics to try to keep our eyes off God.

Over time the devil keeps coming by and by his evil and cruel ways he keeps throwing those stones at us into the wells of our beings.

He fills us with so many feelings of loneliness, hurt, hate, being abandoned, abuse, rejection, revenge, depression, bitterness, defeat, feeling of hopelessness, full of misunderstandings, pity for ourselves, feeling of resentments, selfishness you name it, he throws those stones at our inner beings.

Our wells end up being full of stones we don’t really know just how many –– because they kept coming ever since before we became adults.

Our free-flow isn’t free flow –– we became plugged up with all these stones and we cant breathe. We cant be what we were meant to be –– Free Flowing mind, body and heart !!

We need to rid ourselves of all these stones which the devourer satan has plugged us up, so we can be released of all the stoppage and crumble those stones so we can feel free flowing like we should be.

When Jesus went to raise Lazarus his friend from the dead, He ordered that stone to be taken away, “Take away the stone” in John 11:39

We have to order ourselves to remove those stones out of our way. And, through the Holy Spirit we can get rid of those stones which has stopped up our wells.

If, you read John 7:37-39 , Jesus said these rivers of living water would flow continuously. And that living water is the Holy Spirit. The out pouring of the Holy Spirit opening and cleaning out all the debris the stones from with in us.

We accepted Jesus into our hearts & lives and with him comes the Holy Spirit which helps cleanses and all the stones which are stopped up on our wells of our hearts. The Holy Spirit can remove them just ask Him and we can flow freely again.

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