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God, is not a liar, all sins can be forgiven –-except one and that is one is blaspheming the Holy SpiritSin To Great

2 Kings 22:18


There are many people who think one sin is greater than the other. But, the truth is “sin is sin”, one sin is just as sinful as the other. But, do you think your sin in your life is greater and God won’t forgive you?

God, is not a liar, all sins can be forgiven –-except one and that is one is blaspheming the Holy Spirit. If, you don’t commit that one you’re forgiven.

The devil has really and used to tear me up and get me so distraught about things I’ve done and have said, in my life it was really bad. He made me feel all the time, the shame of what all I did in my life, I had to make up my mind and it took a long time for me to learn from several pastors, once we have asked for forgiveness, we have been forgiven and to tell the devil to get off my back.

The devil almost had me believing I wasn’t forgiven when I asked God to forgive me, he had me thinking each and every waking moment just about all the time, I wasn’t good enough to be forgiven, and I wasn’t.

This kept me down and depressed all the time, and I was always upset, because I wasn’t getting no relief from my past.

No matter what we’ve done or said in our lives we ask God to forgive us and He will. We also, have to forgive other’s who have wronged us. WE always need to forgive ourselves and make sure that we do not allow the devil to try to steal that away from us.

Forgiveness is one of the main keys to life fulfilled and once we forgive God will forgive us. We shouldn’t never delay in asking forgiveness and we should always forgive other’s.

God responded to Josiah’s repenting heart and He will your’s to.

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