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Missing a few meals and taking that time to seek God is a good idea, not a bad one.Seeking God Desperately Always

Ezra 8:23


Reading how Ezra, proclaimed to fast to show his desperation to God when the Israelites required protection and needed to know what he needed to do.

Missing a few meals and taking that time to seek God is a good idea, not a bad one. My husband won’t let me fast, and tried to explain it to him and how, but he wouldn’t food wise.

I have listed a few ways a person can fast here’s a few:


1.      Turn the TV Off

2.      Turn Radios / Stereos Off

3.      Stop Reading other Books, except the Bible

4.      Don’t Eat Meat

5.      Turn off Phones

6.      Stay home a night or two without going out

7.      Go in a room and shut the door and pray in quietness

8.      Watch Good Christian Television Programs


There are many ways to fast, and I see that now, and it don’t have to be just food. We can fast in several ways. We all need to seek God and His will and humble ourselves to Him.

Ezra and the Israelites, besought God, Ezra 8:23 this means they sought Him. When we seek Him, we can pursue, crave His will and be bale to go after Him to earnestly seek Him. Life, can be awesome, but only seeking Him when troubles comes, isn’t right or how He wants us to be.

He wants us to seek Him like we are starving for food. We need to seek Him all the time.

Joyce Meyers, said that “God spoke to her and told her, that the reason so many people have problems all the time is that the only time they seek Him is when they are in trouble."

He showed her, that if He removed the problems, the people would not spend any time with Him. He said, “Seek Me as if you were desperate all the time, and then you will not find yourself desperate as often in reality.”

Sound, like good advice, and that is God’s advice. We need to always seek God no matter what or how we feel. I know this by all I’ve been going through.

We all need to know God’s will and Hear His Audible Soft Voice!

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