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 Welcome to "Satan Go Away"

In Jesus Name you take your demons and evil ways and thoughts awaySatan Go Away

Written By: Patricia Burnette 5/13/2008



Satan, you are a nuisance, you are bad news, always have been,

Causing world turmoil, and good people to fall

Making preachers and our men, kids, and women to sin.


Causing, hate, murders, thieving and abortions taboot,

People hurting one another by the things they say and do,

Always telling other’s they hate them or they get the boot.


You are pathetic, you're a liar and thief, you are nothing to me,

You are so bad and you should leave people alone and leave them be,

You fool people into thinking you are all that, but you better watch it satan,


You trick people , you lie to them , you cause them pain, you cause them to fall,

Always ruining people’s lives, causing trouble on end, but your time is close

Because you will loose big time in the end, you are evil and you can leave me alone,


Leave my family, be, my kids, my sisters, and friends , my husband now

In Jesus Name you take your demons and evil ways and thoughts away,

Because we don’t want you, you need to go back to hell from where you came,


Satan go away, go away you are no good to us or this world, you leave forever,

You are going to burn forever and ever and you are gonna loose big time,

God is Our Father Our Savior Our Redeemer so leave and go away bye bye,


You have no place here, your place is back to hell from where you came,

Go Away Satan leave everyone alone, take your demons with you,

No one needs you and we Belong to The Lord Jesus Christ.

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