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Receiving Double Portion Blessings

2 Kings 2:8


When we are reading 2 Kings we can see that God gives favor and double Portion Blessings. I have seen some people which are doing something for God and just don’t go through with it.

In my case I've been sick more times in 3 yrs than I have at anything or time in my whole life. But I still try to follow through with that I am to be doing. Many will give it up and stop, right when their blessing is to come.

When we get something to do for God it is so very very important we get it done –-because when we finish it, we can be assured God is going to pour down a powerful blessing. We all start with the excitement to do what we were asked to do, but many loose interest as they see that there us some hard work and so many hours involved and they end up quitting and giving up, even before they see the blessings that come from it.

The Bible says in, Luke 14:28-30, that we should count the cost before we begin and make sure we have what will be needed to finish the project.

In my project (s) is this website, the graphics, and the editing and layouts –– God has gave me the ability and the knowledge to know (HTML, CODING, GRAPHICS, SCRIPTS) I do not create the coding I edit when I need to, I am a creative person and God knew that would be my talent ahead of time. I love to see creativity and graphics and colors come together and create something beautiful.

I am not going to say it has been easy as 1-2-3, because of my health has gotten in the way allot of the time, and computer issues, etc. I still do my best to work on something with it. I have the graphic programs, the editors, which God made a way for me to purchase, He has always made sure I had all I needed to do the job He wants me to do, and that is the one of the best things about doing something for God…. He always makes sure that whatever He asks for us to do, the needs for it to get done will always be there to do it with.

And, if I need something else, guess what… God always provides for me to do it and get it so I can pursue what He has me doing. He makes sure when He gave me this Idea to do for Him, I was going to have all I needed to bring it to pass –– and yes, it takes loads of time, but I don’t mind, because I am doing this for the Lord, and I know along my way and when I get finished with all I needed to get done –– God will pour down the Biggest Powerful Blessing and Answers to my prayers.

He has been blessing us along the way, there is always will be a Big Huge Blessing (Double Portion Blessing) being powered down when it’s completed.

Elisha was Elijah’s servant , he was chosen and also was anointed to take Elijah’s place when he was gone.

But as he neared his end of his time, he asked Elisha what he could do for him. In 2 Kings 2:9 Elisha asked for a double portion of what his mentor’s anointing was. Elisha had asked for a hard thing, but he was told he could have it, if he saw Elijah when God took him.

If, we stick to what we are asked to do for God, we will get a double portion blessing. Just like Elijah was more than likely saying –– If, you stick with me until the end, “if you finish what you started many years ago, then you will have what you had asked for.” 

There are so many that want a blessing from God, but they do not want to do what it takes to get the blessings from doing what God wants them to do. They either get bored –– because they feel like its to much work for them, to much time it will take to get it done.

I have been working on this website off and on really since 1998, re-vamping it since 2010. If, we are going to do work for God, no matter what it may be we shouldn’t care how long it takes. As, long as we are doing something for God that He wants us to do for Him. So many people are lazy and do not want to put in no effort to do something for the Lord, I just do not understand that. They want God to work in their lives, but they don’t want to show God love for Him doing all He does in their lives.

We must help the Lord no matter what it is, He will NOT give us something to do if its bad, people don’t want to do nothing, except what they want but they miss Gods blessings by not going what He wants us to do for him.

We all need to open our eyes, and desire to do Gods will, and all we can do is ask and ask and ask again, but that’s the most simplest thing to do, but seeing through what you were to be doing to the finish is not.

When we first start something, we are always very ecstatic, its exciting and we have to push mow, but then all the sudden –– poof it’s all gone –– you want to quit or place it on hold. When we do this, what we was asked to do, gets given to someone else who is more serious to do it and get it done, or those blessings get delayed and the person it was given to, gets the blessings which was really intended for you.

Just think, look what all Jesus went through, look at all the times He suffered –– and you can’t do something for Him, you can’t take the time it takes to complete or start something which means allot to Him to get done.

Some people see how hard and tough it will be, and they run like scared cats, because they act as if, they are scared of hard work, and scared of the challenges… STOP –– LOOK at what Jesus did for you!!

Doing work for God, He didn’t say it would always be easy- as- pie, we should be willing to do some hard work for Him, we must be able to endure some hard work –– wait longer for those results than we expected to, we should endure loneliness, betrayal, misunderstandings, hurt feelings. The longer you take to get it done, the longer it will take for you to get your Double Portion Blessing.

Jesus, He died, He endured all these things in Order to Fulfill God’s will for His life. And, we are to be following in His foot steps. In Luke 9:23, it says; Jesus said, Take up your cross and follow me.”

The cross we carry is doing for Him, helping other’s, get to know Him, do work for Him to reach those who may not know Him, or maybe they do, but we all are put here to bring people to Him. Not, be lazy and scared not to try our best to do His will and do what we need to do to Help Him.

We are not to be selfish people, we are to be workers and to be followers of Jesus Christ, we are to do His will of God, and do His will, is to be obeying Him. We are not to give up and quit, we have to keep on keeping on for Jesus Christ.

We are to live way beyond now we feel and what we want and the hardships, we are to do what God wants us to do and be happy and cheerful and we need to be glad that God chose us to do His will, and the Double Blessing will Come.

God’s grace and favor will be given to you, always finish what you start. It just maybe something easy as being a phone call, or baking a cake, or carrying someone card, cleaning their house or doing something else, God wants you to do to bring someone closer to Him –– Just do it, the DOUBLE BLESSING is waiting on you to finish and complete what God wants you to do.

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