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He did not realize that the car doors on the passengers side was not secured tightly and he made a sharp turn

Joyce Meyers Bible page 1738
Power of Jesus Name

I smiled when I read this, this is an awesome short story she tells in the bible in (Act 2:21) Joyce Meyer!

I want to share a story with you about the power of Jesus Name.

Acts 2:21 a person I know was driving through an intersection one day and his little 3-4 year old son was in the car with him. He did not realize that the car doors on the passengers side was not secured tightly and he made a sharp turn. This happened before seat belt laws were passed, and the child was not wearing one.

The car door flew open and the little boy rolled our of the vehicle, right into the middle of traffic coming four ways! The last thing my friend saw was a set of cars at a very fast rate of speed. All my friend knew to do was cry, "Jesus".

As soon as he could bring his car to a halt he jumped out and ran to his son, who was perfectly all right. But the man driving the car that almost hit the child was absolutely hysterical. My friend went over to him and started trying to comfort him.

"Man don't be upset!" he said. My son is all right, He's okay. Don't be concerned about it. Just Thank God you were able to stop!

"You don't understand!" The man responded "I never touched my brakes!"

This was a crisis situation. There was no time for anyone to do anything, no time to think, plan, reason. Although there was nothing either man could do, the Name of Jesus prevailed. Miracles working power came on the scene, and the boy's life was spared.

I believe we need more confidence in the Name of Jesus and less confidence in ourselves, or everyone else to solve our problems.









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