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Welcome to "There Is No One Thatís Perfect"

I want to be forgiven and I ask God to forgive me also. We have to forgive ourselves and forgive those who offended us and we have to allow God to work in us.There Is No One Thatís Perfect

2 Samuel 24:10

Remember, reading about David, Davidís heart condemned him after he sinned against God.

Davidís heart was condemned, because of what he did, and he was going through a really hard time, and he had to live with what he had done, but only until he repented and asked for forgiveness.

When, we are being condemned for the awful things we do, or say we will be saddened, feeling worthless, over confidence is leaving us. Especially, if you are a leader, we all have to know how to handle condemnation, conviction. A leader has to know when they sin on how to handle the condemnation of conviction, they must repent and ask God for forgiveness and God forgives.

Only, one whom is, has and always will be perfect is God our Lord Jesus, Our Savior. We will never be perfect like Jesus, we are to strive to be, but if we were perfect, we wouldnít need God at all to save us from ourselves, our sins, our mistakes, boy have I made many mistakes.

We have to learn how to shake away the mistakes we make and not hold on to them. People may have perfect hearts, who want so much to do Godís will and do what He wants us to, but we all not perfect. God, understands we will make mistakes, but He also, knows we need Him to help us and when we are convicted we are to repent right then and ask God to forgive us for what we said and what we do.

We will never have the perfect thoughts, or words and we may do something along the way, which is not pleasing to God, but He knows Heís the only perfect one, not us and He knew we wasnít going to be.

There was this man on Facebook, who was telling people that we do not have to keep asking for God to forgive us our sins, because we was already forgiven. I said, what???? Oh, boy let me clear this up right now, so I told them, Yes, we do, None is perfect. We are to ask for forgiveness each and everyday because everyone does something just about everyday, and even if we donít itís always good to ask for forgiveness just in case we have offended God.

They placed scriptures well he did, and I asked him, Ok so what you are saying is you are perfect?? He more or less , told me he wasÖ in so many words. Always, always ask God to forgive you of your sins everyday, and make sure let God know you want help you not to be tempted and to sin.

Iím not a leader, but when I make mistakes, or when I end up expressing how I feel about things sometimes, or I end up such a way I may have blew up about something, not intending to, and I feel as if , Iím just not good enough or I done something so bad, I feel really bad, that God is done with me.

But I always do my best to apologize to the one I just expressed how I feel to someone, mostly my husband or our friend. But, I am always making a point to say ďIím sorryĒ because I do not want nothing to stop me from getting to heaven.

I want to be forgiven and I ask God to forgive me also. We have to forgive ourselves and forgive those who offended us and we have to allow God† to work in us.

God, convinces us of what we do wrong, but He never ever will condemn us. Conviction helps us to repent of what we did, and we will be raised out of our problems of the sinful things we did.

Condemnation, pushes us down sometimes far down the road and really makes us feel really bad about ourselves.

The Devil, is good at that, but we have to shake it off and move on, because if we donít we will never have any confidence in God and what He will and can do for us. We have to have faith in Him because if we donít we will never be able to please Him.

So, so thinking we have to be perfect, because you will never be perfect like God, we are to strive to be.

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