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 Welcome to "Never Owe Anyone –– Only Love"

Wisdom makes the decision to day that we can live and be happy and comfortable tomorrow. Our emotions may make us feel good for temporary for a day –– but the pains of it tomorrow can hurt us tremendously.Never Owe Anyone –– Only Love

Romans 13:8  2 Kings 4:7


When we are in debt, we seem to be paying the lender. We the borrowers – we also pay the lender not what we borrowed, but we are in reality paying 10 x’s more than what we originally borrowed.

Example : When we owned our house on Midway St. Montgomery we had this wall in the den that just didn’t like being fixed. Husband went and borrowed $5,000.00 on my 1995 Oldsmobile I owned to just tear down the wall from the section to the next from top to bottom to get rid of the leak–– well we ended up being signed up for, not just $5,000.00 but $15,000.00 instead, and $308.89 a month.

When we moved to Mississippi due to husband being transferred and I wanting to move back to Mississippi, because of all the havoc getting caused and started here in Alabama, we rented my house out to my oldest sister and her new husband and her daughter, and then my other sister and her husband moved in to, but yet couldn't make sure the rent to own payment was always paid on time, most of time. They did try to do the best they could.

This caused us to have to try to pay that house payment and pay our rent in Mississippi also, our other main bills, and due to Obamas so called Housing Plan where you know we was to be put on, because of the income wasn’t up to where we could get help, he only made like 280.00 a week and we kept getting refused, so we ended up loosing my house.

They made adjustments to the loan, which helped but we still lost the house, we got the loan in 2003 this is 2014 and our balance was only $7,368.39 hmmmmm, this is just an example at how the lenders rip you off.

You may have what you had to get it fix the problem but you are also to pay 10x’s more than it actually is worth.

In the book of Romans 13:8, it tells us that we are to owe no man anything, except to love him! Also, in 2 Kings 4:7, we read that we are to pay our debts. Even though we have a legit reasons for getting into debt, it sure can get way to much on us, and Oh, yes, it can get very depressing and discouraging each and every day.

They say people get into debt due to their emotions, and their desire for personal pleasures, I really do not think this is true for everyone.

Which that was not in our case –– but with some I’m sure that is the factor, trying to out live their desires for material things in life, or trying to be like those who have it all.

Most, people live way beyond their means like I had a sister, when we bought something she had to have it to, or something similar, whether it be new curtains, furniture or a car it seemed like they had to get it also, LOL . I was the first one in my family to get a computer –– which came with the course I was taking, and both my sisters had to have one LOL. My husband bought me a new car –– my oldest sister and her husband went in debt to buy one.

I'm not saying we were not in debt, but we get only the necessities when my husbands job was slow, yes it got rough –– my point here is, debt can hurt and it can hurt bad.

Most use lack of their wisdom, and let’s their emotions run wild. If, we plan on getting anywhere and with the Kingdom of God, we have to learn how to use the wisdom –– not by what others have and we want what they get or by our own carnal desires but, by Wisdom and our limit to what we want most and not by making debt we know we can’t pay for it.

Wisdom makes the decision to day that we can live and be happy and comfortable tomorrow. Our emotions may make us feel good for temporary for a day –– but the pains of it tomorrow can hurt us tremendously.

And, the foolishness we end up doing is getting ourselves further in debt and always ends up in depressions, and being discouraged because we didn’t prepare ourselves for the tomorrow that is coming or may come.

But the wise had and are able to enjoy their fruits of the labor they worked for to get where they are now.

Always bills in debts in the mailbox, wondering how you will pay them, and get them paid off, tear up credit cards, the bills will slow themselves down, we have to discipline ourselves and use the Wisdom God gave us, because if we don’t we are adding to the economic down fall, because we end up in bankruptcy court and then the lender doesn’t get what you borrowed which causes them to shut down and more jobs lost.

Being in debt all the time isn’t fun all it does is makes things worse and you never see the daylight above the darkness of the debt.

So, go for it, start using your Wisdom God gave you and get out of debt and owe no man!

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