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Misunderstanding – The Understanding

Job 4:10


Reading Job, you’ll see Job’s friend Eliphaz gave him the wrong advice, because Eliphaz completely was misunderstanding Job and the cause of the trouble.

There were times when people like Job are full of misunderstanding, by those people we figured would actually understand, those we thought would be there to understand and help us, comfort us and support us.

The people that were closet to us, really do not at all understand us, the struggles we go through, our thoughts about things that mean allot to us, our broken hearts, our hurts, our dreams, our call from God and even our personalities.

I have people like this around me, but I still do my best to still do what I should be doing. I still do my best to stay understanding with them, and their dreams, etc. The misunderstanding of understanding that comes between us through others is hard sometimes, but we have to trust in the Lord God to always be there and continue to help us, even though other’s aren’t and even when we feel like we don’t feel worthy enough, to understand us.

We know one that will always understand us, no matter if no one else will. As God prepares us for His use, we discover what exactly it is He wants us to do for Him, and we may feel strange doing it and think we are confused, but we can believe God is with us, and He is for us.

He wants all of us to be blessed, prosperous, and He wants all of us to do great things! Keep your chin up and Keep Faith and Trust In Him!

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