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God already knows our past, once we ask Him to forgive He is just to forgive us of our bad past, He also knows Our Future  Miserable Past, Circumstances
Luke 18:27

So many people around the world who are facing some really awful circumstances, they all going through some heavy things in their lives.

Some are being faced with their pasts being forced down their throats, and they are having to live in or around negative circumstances, some are being abused and tortured, because of their pasts.

So many people just don't know where to turn ,or what road to take, or how to get out of these types of circumstances which they find themselves in.

They don't see any relief or any hope to escape, but I am here to tell you, I have been there with previous marriages and I will tell you that GOD is there , He's right there beside you ---- call Him, He will answer you.

We all have a past of some kind, and none of us are exempt. It's all in how and who we carry our problems and circumstances to, how we handle it. People who always bring up our old dreadful past is guilty of their own dreadful past. Don't allow other's to destroy your future of happiness you can be having by them tearing it apart before it even begins.

God already knows our past, once we ask Him to forgive He is just to forgive us of our bad past, He also knows Our Future, so never let someone rip you apart over your past, because what they may not know if, their future may not be as bright as your's will be. Pray for them, is all you can do so God can work in their lives and change their thinking.

Our future is not determined by our pasts, or in our present --- God is Our Future. Just believe that all things are possible with God, He will get you out of you past.

Some things seem impossible but, we have God who does the impossible and makes it Possible! Ask, Him to help you and watch Him go to work for you in your life. All He needs is your faith and to believe in Him and trust Him and He will set you free!

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