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You Must Love Yourself

You Must Love Yourself
Matthew 19:19

There are so many people that don't like or love themselves, they look down on themselves, they wish and think bad of themselves their looks, their weight, their self esteem has fallen through the floor.

This could be, because someone has made them feel this way, or it's the way they feel in general, because maybe they haven't had someone tell them they are any different.

In the Bible, God teaches us and tells us we are to love our neighbors. We are supposed to love all people. It is important to love ourselves as it is to love others.

We must love ourselves, who we are, where we came from, we must be happy with who we are.

God made us - HE Made Us ALL

If, you don't like yourself, not even part of yourself, you can't possibly like anyone else. Many people can pretend to like someone but they really don't. And, they are being a phony, and the truth will come out, how they really feel.

We all are to be a power house for God, Joyce says, we are to be in a living balance and harmony within ourselves, and with other people. Go do this it all begins with our attitude about ourselves. The part is in the past, leave it alone, be content with the present, future just knowing everything is in the Hands of God.

We are rooted and grounded in Gods love and he first loved us, so we can love ourselves and so we can love others.

So STOP Pretending and being a phony and can go start loving yourself so you can love others.

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