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Love Is The Most Important ThingLove Is The Most Important Thing

1 Corinthians 13:13

If, you have a family, as I do there is so much animosity and resentments and hate filled hearts that I get so upset and angry about, why?

At the time of this, my mother was 79 and fixing to be 80 years old, she is now 80 years old, and it seems that my family are so selfish in their time and just canít not all come together just for one day to show her that those which cause the trouble or demand to be the center of attention just canít make a get together peaceful and allow the family to actually enjoy being together and being able to really be a family of love one time.

When Jesus was on earth, He made a new commandment:

Love one another as He loved us; He said that this would be the way to the world , knows we are His Disciples. John 13:34

There are some in my family who say they love, but yet they think of how they feel, not about how otherís feel. God never said, only show someone love when you feel like it, He plainly told us to show ďLOVEĒ all the time and not be selfish minded.

How can we show Jesusí Love which He showed us if we are not following what He told us, to do to others and not just focus on our own needs and wants and desires?

1 Corinthians 13:13, tells us that LOVE is the greatest thing. However Faith and hope are vital and necessary even though they may be vital. LOVE is most important.

Some people say they love and look at it as if, itís a theory, or just plain talk. But, they are all so very wrong. Love is shown in a variety of ways, like how we talk and express ourselves to others, how we think of others, how we carry ourselves.

Itís all about how we treat otherís, and how we act towards them. Itís about how and what we do and donít do for them. Itís about being there, always desiring to want to do things with them and for them. Love is no matter what they are also dealing with, itís being there through thick and thin, itís not about critizing them, or back stabbing them or talking bad about them and their faults, because I hate to inform you, but everybody has faults, no one is perfect or exempt.

Love us shown in so many ways, love is not selfish, bitter or hateful or rudeÖlove is not full of malice.

Love is Patient, Kind, Gentle, Caring itís about others, not just about ourselves. Itís not about getting mad and even with someone, or hanging up when they call you, or someone saying, ďI donít have to tolerate how this person talks to me, or treats me.Ē

Well, no you donít but ÖÖ stop and think, how you are treating them we are to show ďLOVEĒ no matter how someone treats us!

Love is always thinking the best of otherís, itís putting love in their lives by us letting them see the love within us. Love is not rude, it strives to have good manners, and this world surely needs that.

When we walk in love, no matter what or whom we come across, we are to walk in love, we are long suffering, we all have weaknesses and we deal with them and the faults of others.

Love is a special gift which was given to us, and we are not to believe in the worst, because Love always shows and believe in the best of a person. It takes times to say ďPleaseĒ and ďThank YouĒ and being polite, showing honor, itís all about giving of yourself.

Love actually takes the time to listen to someone who is talking, not only about yourself, love is being interested in otherís, Love builds people up. Love does not find faults and criticize others.

Love covers sin, Love Conquers things we never even thought about.

Love isnít about being a nosey nose, exposing how otherís faults are, nor is it about telling someone elseís business.

It actually covers more than you think. Loves doesnít go and plaster some ones faults or sins, it covers them we should not be that way, we are to love and show love UNCONDITIONALLY!

So, when you want to act differently than showing the true love Jesus gave us, and He wants us to give to otherís, just renew your mind and say ďwhoa I shouldnít be acting this way.Ē

We are to always be in faith and hope, but we are to always walk, talk and express act of love given to us by Jesus, remember what He did for you He died for you to show you His true Love!†

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