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 Welcome to "How I used to Think ALL The Time"

This How I used to Think ALL The Time
Luke 5:31

I used to be many years ago, always thought I had it all under control. I knew what I was doing and I can do it all on my own. But, after realizing my way really wasn't panning-out, and just wasn't working out the way I wanted, I knew I had to go back in time so to speak and remember all what my parents taught me.

I made so, so many mistakes, done so many things wrong, in my life, so many things I thought I was doing right by my own way of thinking and being on my own I thought I was doing it the right way, the way I thought I knew how.

But, the problem was I was leaving the main Person out of my life and that was "The Lord God" the one who protected me, and kept me alive, all those years and so many times it seemed like I should've done realized it way before then.

I made so many boo boos I was making out of my life a complete mess. I thought so many times I knew what I was doing, "hey I am out on my own" I didn't think I needed anyone's help or anything, which I was young , boy oh boy how wrong was I??

So, very wrong.... I had to make my mind up I just can't keep making the mistakes I was making and those bad decisions because of being afraid ,being what I thought I was to be. I had to admit that I couldn't do it no more on my own, by myself -- I lost patience quickly and I just broke I pleaded for God to change things, change me, just make me better, mold me into what He wanted , not what I wanted.

I gave Him all I had, me, possessions, my life, it all every bit. And, when I did God started changing how I thought of things, working in my life, He started working on me, and changing how I was thinking, things I used to do. I gave Him me!!! ALL OF ME! We all have allot of weaknesses and with God we can get through them.

We just need to know and understand one thing 'WE CANNOT DO IT ALONE!"

God , does not want us to fear to do anything for Him, but when we do fear to do something or change us into something better He's always there to help us along the way. And, God has helped me in so many ways, that would more than likely be a whole book and probably then some!

When I gave the Lord my whole being -- I started seeing my talents which He gave me, that I tried to do before and couldn't do them because it feared me and I kept failing at it, if I do this, or if I do that all I will do is mess it up.

But, with God's help, and giving Him my all, my whole heart, my being I can do anything through Him. We all have been given certain talents, gifts, lives but it is our Choices to make God is in Control of us and all He sets before us!




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