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Hurting Inside –– Still Be A Giver

1 Chronicles 22:14


David, was a David after God’s heart, he would do what ever it took to please God. David, no matter how he felt he still continued to work on God’s house. David, did all he could to give to all His time and energy even though his hurts, to God.


Even, if we have been hurting from circumstances in our life we still should be a giver of our time, our possessions, our love for other’s. So many want to just go through their feelings and not be a free giver.


No, not speaking just about money, but the Bible does say , if we follow the word and God, we will prosper, we will lend and not borrow.


I am speaking about our time the will God has for us, even if we are hurting from something we should still be willing to be a blessing to someone no matter how we are feeling.


When we give a part of ourselves to someone else we are giving God a part of us, we are blessing them and blessing and glorifying God to all at the same time.


Never refuse to be a blessing to someone, even if you feel bad. Because you can bless someone just by some kind words –– always be willing to share God’s love and what God has blessed you with because when you do, God is pleased with you –– and you also put God’s love in someone’s heart that truly needs it, by you giving a part of you , God’s love to others.


Never, be a selfish person and giver, it ruins you and hurts ones who are in need, and they hurt enough why cause them more pain?


Be a Giver –– Be a Lover of God, Be a Blessing to someone!

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