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The Holy Spirit How to Get It Holy Spirit Will Change You

     1 Samuel 11

From the Chapter 10 of Samuel, it tells us that Saul would be “turned into another man” he would be so thoroughly changed, people wouldn’t even be aware of who he was.

When the Spirit of God truly comes upon people, they will be changed. Important evidence of the spirit filled life changed of character and the development of the fruit of the Holy Spirit, which is described in Galatians 5:22.

God fills people with the Holy Spirit, which enables them to live for Him. If they don’t they are not showing the proper evidence of being a believer in Jesus Christ.

Speaking in tongues was on of the evidences of the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and still is today. The most important evidence was then and always will be –– changed men and women. Acts 2:1-4

Remember, Peter at Jesus’ trial, Peter denied Jesus three times because he was afraid of the Jews Luke 22:56-62, but after being filled with the Holy Spirit in the Day of Pentecost, He stood and preached an extremely bold message.

Three Thousand souls were saved and added to the Kingdom of God, as the result of Peter’s preaching that day. Acts 2:14-41.

The Baptism of The Holy Spirit changed Peter, it made him a totally different man. The fear he had just went away and Peter became Bold like a Lion.

Peter wasn’t the only one who took a courageous stand that day, all eleven of the remaining apostles did the same thing. They all were hiding behind closed doors of fear of the Jews when Jesus came to them after His Resurrection. John 20:19-22

But they suddenly after being filled with the Holy Spirit, they all became jealous and brave.

Their fear turned into boldness through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Like you do not need to be in the torment and being afraid, your fear can be turned into boldness to, just like Peters, God can do this, if you just ask Him, to fill you with the Holy Spirit The Power of the Holy Spirit you can have.

Power of the Holy Spirit changed Saul, Paul, Peter and the remaining disciples.

Ask God to fill you completely with the Precious Holy Spirit. Surrender all of yourself, your being, your mind and heart. He will answer you!



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