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Matthew 5:4 “Blessed….are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted!”Grieving of The Loss Of Someone

2 Samuel 1:11-12


As we read David and Jonathan were really close, and they had a special bond, when Jonathan passed away David really grieved the death of Jonathan. 1 Samuel 1:11-12

When my Dad died in April of 2004, I really didn’t get a chance to grieve him, because I was trying to hold ‘myself together mainly for my mother. It was really hard for me not to be able to grieve for my Dad. My parents and I was close and still are. If, it wasn’t for the relationship my parents and I had and has my mother wouldn’t have anyone , because none of them hardly ever come around her or call her.

I am the baby of her natural set she also raised 3 of my oldest sister’s and they wasn’t even around her much at all during this time of her needs. I am glad my mother and I have a good close relationship and friendship because if we didn’t my momma would be all alone and no one to talk to or to hear I love you.

Just like, David and Jonathan they were close and they had a bond, my parents and I have a bond, my son, my husband and a few friends and did have a couple of adopted sisters, and I know I would be terribly a grieving person if, I had lost anyone in my circle.

When we loose someone which we were close to and we loved so much , we sometimes don’t want to grieve but we don’t want to let them go either.

Did you know, we are supposed to grieve? Some think we shouldn’t but they are wrong. When we allow ourselves to go through the grieving process we are truly helping ourselves to.

The total grieving process helps us in several ways, it’s for our health, mentally, emotionally and even our physical areas. There are many people who refuse to even think about grieving, but when they do refuse they are refusing to live in reality and health. Which is completely and totally worse for them, then they realize.

The spirit of grief is another matter entirely, usually the spirit of grief sticks with the person who is grieving like glue and causes a complete strain on them, with regretfulness with the guilt they feel. It will Not allow those to go and live their lives normally. I know this because of seeing my mother after all those years 11 yrs ago since my Daddy died, she is still grieving for him.

I see my mother everyday just about grieving for my daddy, she grieves hard for him, and I know she and my daddy truly loved each other, but she can’t seem to this day to get passed loosing him. It has taken over my mother, the grieving process she still goes through it has changed her life, and she can’t seem to get past the spirit of loss.

And, to be honest the way my mother is the only thing I know I can tell her is without her getting upset “It will be Ok, we will soon be seeing daddy again, he will be meeting us at the gates!”

She will tell me, that it’s not the same, he isn’t here with me. And, all I can do is hug her, while she cries and pray she will be ok.

Her health has gone down worse than it was, she has faith in God, and I do pray even after all those years God will continue to hold her in His everlasting arms and give her comfort.

God wants us all to live in His comfort and He loves us all. God wants us to face our grief and allow Him to comfort us and hold us. We have to resist the spirit of grief and allow God’s Ultimate Power to guide us and hold us, comfort us.

Matthew 5:4 “Blessed….are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted!”

When you welcome God into your life and home, you and your family will be blessed. Because God’s presence is in your life, your home your heart. Pray that the Lord helps you and protects and come into your heart and your home, and live within your hearts and the ones whom live there. 

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