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 Welcome to "Is God Your Rock, Or You In The Sand"

If, you are sitting on quick sand, and not knowing about the Lord Jesus Christ, Our God, Our Savior, then you sure are missing out! Is God Your Rock, Or You In The Sand
Deuteronomy 32:4

The 34th Chapter of Deuteronomy let's us know , and He is our palace of refuge. He is solid, He is stable, He is steadfast, He is dependable, He is Loving, and He is always there for us and unchangeable, He stays the same each and every day!

He's always good to us, always kind, He is always unfailing, He is faithful, and never unjust. He's Perfect, He's always right, He's trustworthy, He's always there anytime, anywhere, any hour, any day, any week, we never get a busy signal, or a message machine.

He's gracious, He's Merciful, the list goes on and on.

If, you are sitting on quick sand, and not knowing about the Lord Jesus Christ, Our God, Our Savior, then you sure are missing out!

The devil, you see can make us feel so unworthy, so sad and depressed, he can make a beautiful day or a beautiful moment into a day of misery, but only if you let him.

Everyone, has ups and downs, emotions, stress, but if we look up, and know OUR GOD is OUR ROCK, we can stand on it, we can step out of the sand that we have grown accustom to, and we can then know that God is the one we can stand on in our everyday lives.

People change, but God Never changes, He's the same each and everyday. We can trust Our ROCK because God does not waiver His Faithfulness. God cannot be moved. We all encounter emotions and influences of negativity in our circumstances and how our feelings sometimes seem to overtake us, but remember OUR GOD cannot and will not be moved.

We can learn from how we respond to life as God does as we allow ourselves to be transformed into His image!

God is OUR ROCK--- GET OUT OF THAT AND, and STAND On the ROCK of OUR LIVING GOD, He is a Perfect example for us to live by.

So go ahead and "STEP OUT of That Sinking SAND" and "STAND ON THE SOLID ROCK OF GOD" and with Him we cannot be Moved --- be like Him and stay as faithful as you can and hold on and be steadfast!

We are under God's everlasting arms! Deuteronomy 33:27.

No matter what our circumstances are, His Loving Arms are over us, to lift us back up! By making the decision to stand firm and on the ROCK we know we have a loving arm to hold on to us and we can lean on. We no longer need the arm of the flesh, we can expect to experience God's presence in our lives!

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