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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

Welcome to "Getting To Know Jesus / Transformation"

We are to show otherís we care about their soul. When we get saved , we get our renewal of our minds and our hearts, we become on the level of Christ and not on the old level.Getting To Know Jesus / Transformation

I am not sure when I wrote this, but I thought you may enjoy this. This is giving some enlightenment of getting to know Jesus and His love.

We are to show otherís we care about their soul. When we get saved , we get our renewal of our minds and our hearts, we become on the level of Christ and not on the old level.

We are to always forgive anyone and everyone which hurts us, and offends us , we are to ask The Lord to help us, learn to forgive those which continue to hurt us, those which causes us pain.

If, we are married we are to make it work, and pray for them to change their ways, butÖ if we are being abused and our mates have committed adultery against us or through death, is the only way we are permitted to leave and or marry again.

WE are to always ask for Blessings to be given to them, yes even our enemies, renewing our mind, renews our actions and our hearts, it effects our thinking process and things we say, and how we act, and the way we talk and act effects otherís, and when we hurt otherís we are acting just like the ones, whom hurt us.

The enemy doesn't want us to ask God to be in our life, and he dosen't want us to get forgiveness ĖĖ the devil has wounded our hearts and minds, he has stolen from us all the most important things which God gave us, and blessed us with. God sent His son to save us , he was wounded for our transgressions, and died for our sins to be forgiven. And, the devil knows that he can take our weakest points in our lives and try to use them against us, but itís up to us to put a stop to it.

The devil is a liar, a murderer, he is a destroyer and we have to stand up and put our foot down and put a stop to it allÖÖ..itís past time, the devil wasnít wounded for us, Jesus was and only Jesus, the devil can manipulate and try to control our hearts and minds, and if we do NOT stop this then he can get control of the most precious people which God gave us in our lives, and thatís our children .

Just, like our words they can kill, if we do not know how to tame them and keep our minds on God and what he has for us. God, doesnít change His mind, and God never misses a payday, Heís always on time. Heís full of grace and mercy, heís full of kindness and Love.

Mercy and Kindness is 2 of the main words of the Spirit, fruits of the spirit. Love peace and kindness, joy and patience. Learn not to let things bother youĖĖ let God take it and handle it.


God Prunes Us to Bare More Fruit, let God use us to grow up ĖĖ Represent Christ so you wonít miss the Rapture. It is worth it, let God prune you to mold you to be like Christ, His image, His likeness.

Romans 8:29

God has to soften us, itís a process. God can change you, so he can change the others who frustrate you. Let, God do what He wants to do, ask Him to change you, mold you, prune you. You still have to go through the steps.

Pray for God to always bother you, people donít like discipline God us the Lord and any nation who serves the Lord will be Blessed, you serve Him you will be Blessed.

Pray make noise speak up let otherís know who you trust a fool says there is no God thatís being a fool! Strong walk in God, Help them!!! There are prophets of doom, and itís our jobs as Christians and Godís followers to do all we can to get people on the right path and get them to turn away from the false prophets and that they repent of all their sins.

If, we do not accept God into our lives, we are doomed and we cannot get into Heaven if we do not allow Jesus into our hearts and change us and transform us into His likeness. Let Jesus deal with you and your heart, your families, we will die in sin without Jesus in our Lives and Hearts, Heís an Awesome God and we are not going to stop showing Jesusí Love and His grace as He has and is showing us each and everyday. We wonít change, we wonít disappear, we wonít evaporate and we wont stop, and we wont shut up.

So, give in to Jesus Christ let Him into your hearts!

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