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David volunteered to go and fight the boastful giant the Philistine GoliathDiscouraged† Shake It Off

1 Samuel 17:33

David, volunteered to go and fight the boastful giant the Philistine, Goliath. He wasnít listening to those who was trying to discourage him.

He kept being told that he wasnít big enough, that the giant was much bigger than he was.

But, David remembered and recounted all the times God helped him become victorious in the past, so he was very confident he was going to smite goliath.†

Everyone was telling him, he was too young and he didnít have the right Armor. But David showed them he was going to do it, with Godís help.

If, we want to do something for God, we have to understand and be encouraged that no matter how many times we have to keep on, no matter if itís hundreds or thousands of times trying we will keep on and not get discouraged.†

As for me creating this website, the devil keeps causing computer problems and issues, so I cannot get this website done, he knows I am headed for a victory and he knows it. I have had so many computer problems, viruses, that are not detected which causes so much havoc, and even though no matter how many times I have been up against the wall, Iíve made myself climb back and down and continued no matter how many times† the devil tries to discourage me ĖĖ I refuse by The Blood of Jesus and His help and courage I am going to proceed. Jesus is on my side, and there is nothing the devil can do about it.

I have been sick allot, and times where I cannot work on it, or my body just has no energy, but I do try and that makes the devil angry and mad. Satan, will come against those who want to do for God, and he knows to do for God we have to have courage to be able to go forward to get things done.†

He knows, Godís plan for us is a Victory and the devil knows he can tempt us, confuse us, discourage us, and we will end up stop trying. Never stop trying, keep asking God to help you, to always have courage and to always seek His Face and Kingdom.†

DO not listen, to those who keep telling you , you canít do it, you canít get it done, you donít have enough time, donít listen to the devil or the ones the devil is using to make you quit. Keep on Keeping on, because the VICTORY will be yourís and God gets the Glory!

When the devil tries to stop us, shake the discouragement off and donít stop because you may have some stumbling blocks which tries and does get in your way, just pray and ask God to take them down so you can finish what He wants you to do.†

Because with God we can conquer, we can WIN, we can have the Victory which the devil wants so much for us to miss!

Have Courage, Conquer, Have faith Because Godí is with you and He wants you to enjoy the Victory He has for you!

When David, looked at the giant, he couldíve gotten really discouraged, but he didnít, he ran towards him quickly towards the battle line. David, had to have known that if he had thought about all the discouragement which he was told by otherís he wasnít going to be able to kill the giant.

But, David had courage and he wasnít going to back down, he didnít run away he immediately took action against the giant. †

Just as we must do, when we start to get discouraged we need to continue to stand firm, run quickly to our deed that we are doing for the Lord God and finish it, get it done donít back down, no matter how many times or obstacles come in our way. Godís grace will be right there with us, so we donít procrastinate!

So many put things off and refuse to go forward, because they get discouraged, I used to be this way, but only because I am always having computer issues, or staying sick all the time. But, we have to Trust God, and believe in God and His mercy and His Grace! God will help us through, He will give us His Grace and favor!

Those who wait for the right time, will be waiting a long time, because the right time never comes. God will give you all the encouragement youíll ever need, just go forward ĖĖ stop the devil in his tracks and show him you are going to do it, and he canít do nothing about it. Show God He can depend on you!

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