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 Welcome to "Dead Dogs –– Not Anymore"

I relate with Joyce on this “I have been the tail long enough. And, it’s time I am going to take my stand and desire and reach forward to my rightful Inheritance, its not the devils it’s mine, all mine”Dead Dogs –– Not Anymore

2 Samuel 9:8


There are so many times, even to this day I feel useless, just plain worthless. Let me explain why I feel this way. Some may begin to say “ She’s creating and editing this website, but she cannot do what she is posting?”

Everyday, we all struggle with something in our lives, Preachers do, even the highest priests do, no one is exempt from tests and trials, nor temptations. I for one struggle with something always making me sick in body, and the devil knows that what I am doing for God, I will have a victory in the end.

I have had the flu a few times, I’ve had the shingles, mini stroke, where my speech was effected and oxygen to my brain, I have had black mold poisoning, I have had stomach bacteria, I have had nervous problems, I fell in the front yard and hurt my left leg, issues with my left hip I have a 1” gap in my left hip which causes back pain because of the sciatica and lumbar damage. I have weird feelings in my head allot, have had bad sinus infections , asthma attacks which I couldn’t breathe, or speak– which didn’t help the mini – stroke my asthma kicked in same time I was having a mini – stroke.

All these things above happened to me health wise. This is not counting all the computer issues I have had trying to stop me from doing what God wants me to do, what I feel He wants me to do. Computer issues, left and right and it was like they wasn’t stopping. There were hard drive problems, motherboard problems, many problems, never can get anything done, or accomplished –– this isn’t counting family problems with all the fussing and all that goes on, and trying to come into my house, I sit and try hard to keep people talking and together.

I am always in between and I thought I was doing the right thing, by my moving back to be near to my mother, cause her health is bad. But , with all these problems all the issues , I don’t always feel my best, I don’t always feel worthy.

But, I am down allot, depressed tired worn out and stressed always thinking I should’ve stayed in Mississippi. I know God helps me allot and without Him I would've been a nut case.

I know the devil wants me to feel like I am useless and unworthy, and make me feel like I am unforgiven for my sins, which I have already asked God to forgive me for, like I am a nobody, and I do struggle –– I still go back and doing what I am doing, trying to get this website finished for the Lord. I still struggle with feeling unworthy but I know I am worthy to God.

Just like Mephibosheth, he had a poor image of himself, he called himself a “dead dog” 2 Samuel 9:8. He always did what I was doing, looking down on himself and feeling so unworthy. Mephisbosheth instead of him seeing himself as the heir of Jonathan (King David’s covenant friend) he only seen himself as someone who would be rejected. If, he didn’t he would have already gone to the palace, way before to claim the inheritance which was waiting for him.

I wouldn’t say I struggle as bad as  Mephisbosheth, but I do struggle, I still am in strong faith and I know God will help me get done what I feel He wants me to finish.

But, having a poor self image causes us to operate in ways we don’t like. We are always looking at what's wrong with us, and not looking at the right with Jesus. Jesus, has, He has taken all of our wrongness and our poor self-images we feel, and our feeling of unworthiness and gives us His Righteousness. 2 Corinthians 5:21.

I am learning everyday that not just me but all of us need to walk in reality of the truth that Jesus has rescued us! God’s word tells us that, just because of His covenant with you, you can be the “head and not the tail____above only, and you shall not be beneath” Deuteronomy 28:13

I relate with Joyce on this “I have been the tail long enough. And, it’s time I am going to take my stand and desire and reach forward to my rightful Inheritance, its not the devils it’s mine, all mine”

We all have weakness, I know I sure do, and I am trying each and everyday to overcome them. But, I am sure in my heart, that I can dine, sit, talk, praise, thanking, receiving Jesus’ love and His mercy and His Grace, no matter my fault or my weaknesses.

He loves me and I am His child. He will never leave me or forsake me. I and we have a covenant with God and it’s sealed, and it’s up to us in how it gets delivered but, by the Blood of Jesus, it’s our’s and there is not one thing the devil can do to take it away, only if we allow Him to, but the devil’s not getting mine.

Blood Covenant is an always will be, and it’s one you can’t crack –– and it’s one which was made between two parties. God, is our Redeemer and as long as we want Him and accept what He has for us, we don’t have to worry, but it is up to us to grab and claim it!!

With a covenant, God keeps His promises, we can offer God what we have and Our Gracious God gives us what ALL HE HAS!!!

He takes all of our sins, faults, weaknesses, our failures, and He gives us His ability, His righteousness, His strength, He takes our poverty and gives us His riches.

He takes our sicknesses and our diseases and He gives us His Healing and good Health.

He takes all the mess-ups we done, our failure-filled pasts we’ve had and gives us the Hope of the Bright Futures He wants us and desires us to have.

Always, remember and I tell this allot, we are nothing without Christ, but we are everything to Him.

In Jesus Christ we have an awesome future, but we have to reach out for it, and grab it and Grab Him and the covenant which He has given to us!

We Do Have A COVENANT with God Almighty Just Accept Him and Accept it!

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