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The Consequences of Impatience

Lack of patience always has a price Ė and itís always higher that itís opposite cost.

They include indecision, procrastination, failing to respond to ideas, lack of organization, a compromising attitude wishing of hoping substituted for faith, and fear of criticism.

All these are symptoms of a spirit of impatience, and They Point to the Dangerous Consequences of refusing to exercise patience.†

Now watch what happens here, just follow what it says, and you will see why there is "Consequences with Impatience."

This is "Serious Stuff" here.... if we cannot get serious and do like we should do, and act like we should, we will be in serious dismay.

  1. Indecision or lack of sense of direction, can render a person's potential totally ineffective.

  2. Procrastination is another sign of impatience. The fulfillment of our dreams/visions comes when we do the little things involved in Godís ultimate plan, when we do not procrastinate. Do little things along the way to help the process.

  3. The third way we can be pulled off our course is through neglecting to respond to ideas. Sometimes we get afraid that we will miss Godís will or something that we ignore the small hunches (ideas) and intuitions that God puts in our hearts.

†When we become like the man who buried his talents in the sand, we get impatient because those bits of revelation seem insignificant. Out of numerous ideas that we get everyday, we should be able to sort out a few of them and let the Holy Spirit show us how to apply them towards the fulfillment of Godís will.

Many Christians apparently think a lack of organized planning is following the guidance of the Spirit. But the truth is most of the time, they donít have the patience to plan and organize.

They are forgetting the Lord is an orderly God. If we listen to His voice continuously we will find that He gives us specific instruction on how He wants us to do things.

Often, instead of following His plans step by step, we end up acting like a parent who has to assemble a toy on Christmas Eve night.

He gets through the first 3 steps; gets impatient and wads up and throws the instructions away. Then ends up spending all night trying to figure out the proper way to assemble the toy without instructions. We must learn to wait patiently to hear Godís voice, and then follow His instructions step by step. Impatience often leads to compromise.

One of the most common mistakes Christians make is not waiting on the Lord to bring them to the destination. They get impatient and do things contrary to Godís will.

Some murmured and complained and feared the circumstances.

Daydreaming, or wishing and hoping, can be a result of our impatience. When our faith is challenged by the trials, tribulations and perplexities of life, we sometime settle into wishing and hoping that things will work out, instead of working and persisting toward a solution. But I think the most serious consequence in life of a Christian is the next one.

Lack of patience causes you not to inherit the promises of God.

Christians who do not allow their minds to be renewed to what Godís word has to say will not attain the fulfillment of His promises.

ďWhat has all this got to do with patience?Ē

When you understand how faith works, you will also understand how patience operates and youíll be able to yield to it and finally receive the promises of God. If you canít recognize the snares of the Devil when he comes along to try to steal your confidence and take away your patience, you will lose it. But when you are firmly established in Godís word, you will be able to recognize the enemyís strategies and resist them steadfastly.

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