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Being Child LikelyBeing Child Likely

2 Kings 22:1, 11:21


When I was young I had to grow up fast. I was 14 when my parents signed for me to get married.

They were scared I’d become pregnant and they decided it would be better to be married. No, not nothing you are thinking.

There was this guy that went to our church with and my sister didn’t want to sit in the middle with him, so she made me sit in the middle between them and him and I ended up having crushes on each other, and I was really way to young to have those, but it did happen, but he ended up falling in love with me and I didn’t even know what it was.

But, anyway I was a wife at 14 years of age, and became a mother 3 1/2 years later to a wonderful son “Brandon Michael Hatcher” my pride and joy. I didn’t have a chance really to date anyone else, shoot I was 14 and then 3 1/2 years later I was almost 18 years old. But, there came a wonderful being which came from it, my son as I mentioned.

Later we ended up divorced, because he was being transferred and I was scared to go that far away from my family and my mother, because I never had been that far away from home before. Then later I ended up in another marriage which was abusive and was kicked in the ribs and shook and slapped around, and he shook my son, and I said that was it. So , that ended up with a divorce, which I am in my fourth marriage now, so you can gather the other two didn’t work out neither.

I have been through some abusive relationships and I was raped several times, I was left to starve many times, no utilities, no food, no transportation, got mixed up with my brother and his partying and ended up loosing there, I have made some awful decisions in my life and I do regret most of them.

I lost a baby to death, which one of my ex– husband’s planned for me to be raped and he had parties while I was in the hospital while having his baby, which he forced me to drink castor oil and made me walk up and down stairs (25) many times a day and walked up and down hills by the pbs station here in Montgomery Alabama, to force the delivery of my baby. He died when he was to have been born because had him way to early due to my ex husband.

I been cheated on, lied on, manipulated, beaten, forced to do things I wouldn’t normally do, never had a permanent home, the list goes on and on. All, because I made the wrong choices in my life, got mixed up with the wrong folks, the wrong husband’s.

Just like Josiah he became King when he was 8 years old, 2 Kings 22:1, he had no child-hood, Joash became King when he was 7 years old, 2 Kings 11:21, Manesseh became King when he was 12 years old, 2 Kings 21:1.

They were forced to grow up–– before they had a childhood. Now, let me clear something up about why my parents made the choice they did. They was just afraid that since my first husband and I had a relationship and I was getting into that stage of life, they were scared I’d end up pregnant and they thought it would be better for me to get married, then to be a mother at 14 years old. So, I am not blaming my parents for what they did, even though I didn’t have time to really grow up. I was the first child to get married besides my brother and to leave home.

Josiah, Joash, Maneesah, all became Kings, before their time, and they lost something special in their life, and that was being child like, fun, games, their young adult life was already determined for them.

Even though we have no childhood –– as we grow into adults we still should be able to grow and accomplish things in our lives without feeling burdened down all the time.

We are to be responsible and enjoy our lives, even when we work.

All my life it has been burdened down –– hardly ever have I enjoyed life as it was meant to be. Then as I got older it’s like everyone depends on me – I have  I been so busy and so burdened  and burned out I have lost my focus and lost home based businesses and been sick all the time etc.

Ecclesiastics 5:18 “Behold, what I have seen to be good and fitting is for one to eat and drink, and to find enjoyment in all his labor in which he labors under the sun all the days which God gives him for this is his (allotted) part.”

We are to enjoy our lives and have fun, be child-like John 10:10, Jesus came to earth so that you and I might have life and enjoy it to the full.

We all need to stop burning ourselves out, and we need to enjoy the life God gave us. If, you didn’t have much of a childhood, ask God to refresh your joy and faith, as I need to constantly do to, so we can enjoy what He gave us.

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