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 Welcome to "Have You Been Abused Deeply"

Get into God’s word and it will help you and deliver to you blessings and understandingHave You Been Abused Deeply?

2 Samuel 13:1-14


There are so many people around the world that are being abused un everyway, every minute , every second of the day.

In 2 Samuel 13:1-14, is the story of Tamar, did you know that the Bible is written in so many things and sexual abuse is one of them. Do, you know others whom have been sexually abused, I know I do several but I also was one of those to, I am not going to mention any names here, but I will say, most were family members, and one was planned by my ex-husband.

It is hard to overcome, this and to some like it did me, I figured in some ways, I guess this is the way it should be …. But, God, helped me through it, and He has brought me up and out of the pit of the shame and frightening and shame of the after math.

Many, have more serious issues along the way, where there is confusion, being tormented by it, it takes control of them and they end – up in the same or worse circumstances and they refuse to get out of it. They’re life us never settled, they are constantly struggling and always looking down on themselves ad they don’t feel like they are worth anything.

The thing they call love is not love at all, but they just think they will change or I guess this is what my life is going to be like.

Wrong, you can overcome you can get out of the rut you can be cured of the repro cushions of what happened and you won’t forget, but you will be able to live without feeling like you are worthless, and feeling ashamed of what happened to you!!

God, can heal you of all this, He can take away all those negative and unworthy feelings all the hurt and shame you feel. Because, what happened to you, was NOT your fault, just like it wasn’t mine. God can and will carry you in his shoulder, and hold you and hold your hand and walk you through!

God, loves you and He wants to help you get through this and you can, just ask Him to reach down inside you ,and take your hurt, shame, and unforgiveness you have inside and He will heal you and you can get past this. You can, you can have a future, a blessed future, God has always wanted for you and you can have it!

Get into God’s word and it will help you and deliver to you blessings and understanding. It’s the Best Doctor filled informational book you will ever come across!

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