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How well can we be in control of anything if we are not in balanceBalance In Your Life

1 Kings 19:1-3

We all need some balance within our lives, whether it be in our diets, or our entire being, we all need to be balanced and to be able to stay in balance doing the important things we must do and be in control of.

How well can we be in control of anything if we are not in balance?

I have been there so many times, I still get off balance to this day, I am not perfect and my family is my heart, but most times they can be very demanding and this throws me out of balance and into a mode of unbalanced being, very quickly. Being in balance is not a bad thing, itís a good thing.

If, we read 1 Kings 19:1-3, Elijahís story reminds us of how we can maintain balance in our lives, whether it be mentally, emotionally, physically, maturely, or social or in our spiritual lives, we need to stay in balance.

I was getting myself in balance again, and then poof, I became so depressed, worn out because I canít get anything accomplished in my life, because Of those whom cannot understand the time I need to get done what the Lord gave me talent to do and for Him.

Always staying sick or family cannot act their ages or something happening and being so demanding of my time, or trouble gets started, everything just falls apart. We all need to take Elijahís example and put the balance back in and there maybe family which has to understand and deal with it.

The Godly Balance you are wanting to make in your life, it has to come forth. Some will not understand believe me when I tell you, they will think that you do not love them, and they will say things which really tear your heart out, because they do not have the understanding which is needed from them for you to be able to get back into the balance in your life, spiritually is the main balance we all need.

We will have to answer for us not being in balance, not them but we do!†

We need to follow God to prune our lives up, we need to let Him be in control , because Heís the one who knows whatís best for us, we may think we know whatís best for ourselves, but hey, no we donít we just think we do.

Without His help, we wonít be able to to keep balance in our lives, where we need to make a commitment to staying in balance, to prune our lives up for Him to rid of what doesnít belong or what we do not need to there in our lives.

God wants us to be fulfilled ĖĖ joyful, in all the areas of our lives. He wants us to have fun and enjoy His love and His blessings. And when we are tried and just plain worn out we cannot be all we need to be. Let, Jesus help you get pruned and get back in balance and He Will !

When we are exhausted and so tired we sometimes get where we just forget to pray, or fall asleep praying which I do allot, but I do try to finish praying, reading our Bibles, or we will fall out of balance.

Iíve been there so many times. We seem to think, no one cares what I have to do, or need to do, no one loves me like they say they do, which is sometimes true to the case. When we get overwhelmed, our tone changes and our moods over take us, change even our thinking does. We have to do this, do that because no one will help me!

We have this deal going on in our heads and that no one cares, I am being emotionally, mentally abused no one understands me or how I feel, there is some out there that is so very true they actually donít. We get like this, like Elijah we are just plain tired and worn out, 1 Kings 19:4.

We all are already worn out, and we just keep doing and doing, we usually get so overwhelmed, depressed, confused and Yep cranky and ill. Our bodies are trying to tell us something it, NEEDS Rest! Plain and simple, there are times Iím so busy I donít eat or feel like eating, or doing anything, but sleep because I am so worn out, emotionally and yes, sometimes mentally, spiritually deprived, because when I get back in balance ĖĖĖ it seems like I get thrown right back out of balance, because of everything that keeps on happening in our family, the devil just keeps poking his big fat over grown nose in my balancing and my life, he causes so much havoc, which causes us to slip and get out of balance once again.

So keep pressing in and pressing on because we can get back in balance by pruning those things and yes people if we have to, out of our lives, to get us back into balance with God and in our lives period!

We have to have Godly Balance and rest in our lives, people may not get it or understand it, but they would if they would do the same thing!

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