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Attitudes & Working HardAttitudes & Working Hard

1 Chronicles 29:6

Have you noticed that many people donít want to work and they are able to work? When they donít really have a reason not to? They get bored with trying they soon end up with this attitude I just donít care anymore, I quit, I have looked and there isnít anything out there that I want to do?†

I used to say ďI quitĒ allot but not because I didnít want to finish what I had started, it was due to the facts of always getting sick, or always having computer problems, which had caused me to want to give up, data loss, hard drive problems, you can more than likely get the picture this in computer area, the mother board goes out and it shouldnít have, it shouldíve lasted another 3 years, etc.

The devil beat me up and down on this area of my life, because he knew that I was almost at my break through and he knew my victory was right around the corner and he just couldnít stand it. The devil wanted me to quit so bad, it was ordeal after ordeal , but I fooled him because each time I just kept on trying and I am still going strong, and working on this website is my main project now instead of the website businesses I had, I ended up just letting them sit until they expire.

When we have a job to do, and that job is for the Lord, we need to keep going, never give up until we get it done. We need to keep working at it, until itís is completed and finished.

We end up getting lazy and then we end-up unhappy, dismayed, disappointed and yep upset. But, we can only be upset with ourselves, because we are the ones who are making ourselves unhappy when we are not finishing what we start for the Lord.†

And, by you feeling bad and disappointed it is conviction about you not finishing what God wants you to do for Him and finish. Itís our fault because we became so wrapped up in our emotions and things happening around us we decide itís not going to work, I canít do it, etc. but how wrong can you be. God wouldnít have wanted you to do it, if He wasnít going to be there with you to help you finish what He has you doing and started.

If, we keep on, we will see our huge blessing which God brings out of the finished project and work for Him. Never give up, never let the devil beat you down, because I know he will and he does, and this is only because he doesnít want you to receive Gods blessings in your life.

Never become lazy, because whether itís an easy job, a hard job for God, or one that takes more elbow grease than you expected and hours, itís for Godís Glory and His Victory and you will see Godís Huge Blessings come through into your life from God, and it will be all good believe me, and believe God, because He will NOT Lie to you.

Have a Good Attitude doing something for God, never get lazy because then you will not see what Gods Blessings are in your life!

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