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David’s passion were more important to him at the time, they actually over took him.Are You Willing?

1 Chronicles 17:1


Have you read the 16th chapter of Chronicles, where David loved God so much but he still made mistakes and they were serious mistakes? David’s passion were more important to him at the time, they actually over took him.

They caused him to commit murder and commit adultery. David talked allot about Gods grace I believe in Chronicles 16:34 because David experienced it first handedly in his life and his ministry.

And, its available to us today as well!! We all need to be willing vessels, we all need to step back and let God work in our lives.

We think we know what we want in our lives, but we don’t, because we go after the fleshly desires not the desires God has for us spiritually, emotionally and heartedly. He knows what's best for us more than we will ever think we know what's best for us.

Rely on God to help and deliver us in the way He sees fit. God only knows the direction and path we need to go –– we just think we do. When we do Gods desires, they become our desires.

In John 15:7, “Jesus said, if you live in me abide vitally united in me and my words remain in you and continue to live in your hearts, ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you.”

Our goals as true believers is to be one with God. Only this can happen spiritually when we are born again, it occurs in our minds, our wills and emotions as we grown and mature spiritually!

Let God be your plan and His desires be your desires because all things become good with God!

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