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8 Ways To Get Rid of Sin

8 Ways To Get Rid of Sin

1 Kings 8:33

Did you know there are over 370 Sins? There are so many that I didn't even know was. But, here I have listed "8 Ways to Get Rid of Sin" yes, get rid of it, for good!

God is good, and He knew all what we would do, in our lives and how. But, He has given us ways, to rid ourselves of the sins we commit.

Check the "8 Ways To Get Rid of Sin" and there are scriptures for you to read to find out what it all says!


"8 Ways To Get Rid of Sin"


1. Turn Again to God - Be Converted________________ 1 Kings 8:33
2. Confess the Name of The Lord___________________ 1 Kings 8:33,35
3. Make Supplication to Him_______________________ 1 Kings 8:33
4. Turn From Sin________________________________1 Kings 8:35
5. Fear God____________________________________ 1 Kings 8:43
6. Repent and Make Supplication____________________1 Kings 8:47
7. Acknowledge Sins Committed
8. Return to God with All the Heart, and with all the soul_ 1 Kings 8:48




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