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 Welcome to "8 Blessings of Obedience"

8 Blessings of Obedience
1 Kings 8

God has so many Blessings to give each and everyone of us, only thing is "we have to want them" but so many could care less because they will not "turn their lives over to God."

There are different "acts of obedience" which we have to control and do before we can receive God's Blessings He has for us!

When we "Obey God and His Voice" we are being "Obedient." There is so much we can learn from the Bible if we would just take the time to read and meditate on Gods Word. And God will help us, if we ask Him!

8 Blessings of Obedience

1. God Will Hear from Heaven and Forgive ALL Sins Confessed________ 1 Kings 8:34,36,38
2. One Will be Taught The Good Way Wherein Be Should Walk________ 1 Kings 8:36
3. Will be Given Material Blessings
4. Will receive Answers to Prayers_______________________________ 1 Kings 8:38,52
5. Will Be Rewarded According to Works__________________________ 1 Kings 8:39
6. Will Learn to Fear God and Know His Name______________________ 1 Kings 8:40,43
7. Will Have His Cause Maintained________________________________1 Kings 8:45,49
8. Will Be Shown Mercy by Men__________________________________1 Kings 8:50




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