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Welcome to "7 Things That God Hated and Despised"

7 Things That God Hated and Despised

 7 Things That God Hated and Despised
Amos 5


Did you know that God hated evil and the things which can make a person become evil, in ways we never could even imagine?

There are so many things, which we all need to learn and understand that there are many forms of evil in and around the world that we wouldn't have even thought about.

I have listed just a few things, that "God Hated and He Despised" oh, there is more but they will be on another page (s). But, I have listed 7 here for you!

 7 Things That God Hated and Despised

1. Their Feast Days________________ Amos 5:21
2. Their Solemn Assembles
3. Their Burnt Offerings_____________Amos 5:22
4. Their Meat Offerings
5. Peace Offerings of their Fat Beasts
6. Noise of their Songs (Non-Religion)_ Amos 5:23
7. Melody of their Viols








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