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7 Regrets Of a Dying Man & 12 Statements About Death7 Regrets Of a Dying Man & 12 Statements About Death

Isaiah 38:10

When people die and they are aware of them dying, can you imagine what thoughts go through their minds.

I wondered this when my sister was dying, in June on the 19th of 2014. Because she wanted so much to be accepted by her girls, and for them to want her in her life, but they refused, but when she was on her death bed, all wanted to be there and say their pleads of forgiveness before she passed.

All the thoughts, she may have been thinking, and us not even be aware of her thoughts, because she wasnít able to speak due to the tubes in her mouth. All, she wanted was to be able to love her girls and them want to love her and be around her, and her grandkids, but I felt so sorry for her, because of the love she had for her girls, and most didnít want nothing to do with her until she was dying.

Or, maybe she knew deep inside she was dying but just didnít want to tell those that truly loved her, because she knew it would hurt them, and I do believe this, because there were many times I didnít believe her telling me she seen Jesus, and now I know she had to have seen Jesus because she was dying.

I have listed a few regrets of a dying person which the title is man but we all are considered dying person when we are dying, it doesnít necessarily have to be a man.

7 Regrets Of a Dying Man

1.††††† I Am Deprived of the rest Of my Years

2.††††† I will Not See The Lord in The Land of The Living

3.††††† I Will Not Behold Man with The Inhabitation of the world

4.††††† My Plans for serving God among men are ended

5.††††† My Plans for helping My Fellowmen on Earth Are Blasted

6.††††† My age is Departed , I Am to young To Die, My Useful Years are Removed like a Shepherds Tent

7.††††† My Life is Cut off Like A Weaver taking His Work From The Loom and Departing with it.

12 Statements About Death

Isaiah 38:12

1.††††† Cutting off Of days on Earth

2.††††† Going to sheol ( what is Sheol) Hell

3.†††††Robbery of the Rest of Oneís Years on Earth

4.†††††Cutting off Oneís Experiences With the Lord Among Men Isaiah 38:1

5.†††††Being Taken from Human Society

6.†††††Departure for Another Place††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Isaiah 38:12

7.†††††Removal of Man From Earthís Scenes

8.††††Cutting off of Life like Weavers Cutting His Work from the Loom

9.††††Being Cutt Off From Sickness

10. The End Of Man Among Men

11. The End of Praise and Celebration to God Among Men†† Isaiah 38:18

12. The End of Seeking And Finding Truth or Having Further Hope

These that are mentioned are just Ideas, they donít imply extinction of being, annihilation or unconsciousness, they simply indicate a removal into another realm of activity, or being taken from one place to another, as a tent is removed or a piece of weaving is cutt off from the loom.

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