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5 Keys to Making a Difference In Your Life

Five Keys To Making A Difference

There are many times in our life, that we want so much to be able to become all we can be, and be good at it. We fight to change and improve ourselves, and the devil as I always say, has to stick his big nose in and mess everything up!

We are always, getting frustrated and angry, because nothing is working out and we give up or want to give up.

But, when we apply the "5 Keys From The Bible" we can give him a "Black EYE" every time he tries to turn around and stop him dead in his tracks, give him a slap here a slap there, hey it works wonders!

The devil over many years has stopped me from accomplishing so much in my life and I have taken the draw back and wanted to give up so many times, but this feeling in my gut makes me not be a "quitter" I am a fighter, and I fight to get something done no matter if it takes me years which has happened...I will work my fingers to the bone and be worn out trying to finish what I have to or need to get done.

Most of the time the devil, puts people's problems in my way many of times, and all types of obstacles which he thought he knew that it would stop me, but I was and still am determined to fight back and keep on keeping on , like "Joyce Meyer" says.... so I have listed "5 Keys to Make A Difference" so please jot them down and put them everywhere you can!


Peter and Cornelius provide a great lesson for believers who want to make a real difference in the world. See the following acronym for world:


1. Walk closely with God. (Acts 10:1-4, 9)
The text carefully reports on the quality of the spiritual life of Cornelius and the explicit time of prayer of both Cornelius and Peter. Both were devout men, apparently with a regular, consistent habit of walking with God, praying to God, and expecting God to work in their lives. The reason they both were involved in the work of God—Cornelius as the first genuine Gentile convert; Peter as the human instrument in opening the door to the Gentiles—was that they were both in the habit of walking with, talking to, and hearing from God on a regular basis.


2. Obey God. (Acts 9:39, 43; 10:8, 23-25, 28-29)
A predisposition to obedience that comes from a deep relationship with God marked both these men. Cornelius got “found,” and Peter had the privilege of finding him because they responded positively to God’s command. We will not be involved in real world change if we have a predisposition to disobey. To be habitually disobedient is to be habitually useless for the real work of God.


3. Reach out to people outside your comfort zone. (Acts 9:32-43; 10:5-6, 20, 25, 48)
It is hard to feel what Peter would have felt about moving into the Gentile world. He was going against that with his move to Lydda, then Joppa, then to the leatherworker’s house, and certainly with Cornelius. The Jewish part of him would balk at every turn, every doorstep, every meal. But Peter understood the great commission and was committed to spreading the Word to whomever God was calling. How readily do you move outside the confines of your safe relationships? That’s where the lost are and where God wants us to be.


4. Look for those God is reaching or softening. (Acts 9:32-43; 10:19, 22-23)
This constant theme of Acts shows that God is working, and we must find out where and with whom, and get in on it.


5. Disregard the criticism. (Acts 10:13-14, 20, 28; 11:1-3, 18)
Jewish culture was resistant; Peter himself was resistant; the church was resistant, critical, skeptical. But Peter, Cornelius, Peter’s traveling companions, and ultimately the church itself overcame the resistance to be a part of what God wanted to do. God was moving, spreading his message by softening and wooing hearts, by awakening souls.

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