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30 Declarations of The Existence Of God

Isaiah 43:13 , 44:16


Have you noticed that many people, actually believe that there isn't a God, and all that they see around them, just came out of the blue by itself?

How can a beautiful creation as this world is, just come out all by itself? Someone had to have created it, somehow.

Just the beauty of the trees, the grasses, the flowers, the birds of the air, the mammals, the people, the clouds, the rain, the sunshine, the cats, dogs there is so much more that God Created.

He knew what He was doing when He created the Heavens and The Earth, which this old earth will pass away and we will be on a new Heaven and New Earth. But, just look around you, you can see all the beauty which God entrusted us with.

How can anyone, loose their minds to think "God doesn't Exist?" Because He surely does, He is Magnificent He created everything and everyone you lay your eyes upon. He even created life and death. He created the light of the moon and stars....I have listed 30 Declarations of God's Existence, and I am in hopes they help you see the Existence of Our God, Our Savior Our Redeemer!

30 Declarations of The Existence Of God

1.   I Existed Before the Day


Isaiah 43:13

2.   I Am More Powerful Than Anyone Else


3.   I Work and None Can Hinder Me


4.   I Am Your Redeemer


Isaiah 43:14

5.   I Am The Holy One Of Israel


6.   I Judged Babylon for Your Sakes


7.   I Am Jehovah Your Holy One


Isaiah 43:15

8.   I Am The Creator of Israel


9.   I Am Your King


10. I Make Ways in The Sea and Paths In The Mighty Waters


Isaiah 43;16

11.  I Destroy Mighty Armies and Quench Them As tow


Isaiah 43:17

12.  I Do New Things and tell You about them before They Happen so That You know them


Isaiah 43:19

13.  I Make Ways in The Wilderness


14.  I Make Rivals in the Desert


15.  I Cause the Beasts of The Field to Honor Me By Giving


Isaiah 43:20

16.  I Make Plenty of Water For My people To Drink


17.  I Have Formed Israel for Myself


Isaiah 43:21

18.  I Predict That They Will Eventually Show Forth my Praise


19.  Thus Saith The Lord (If He can thus speak He Is a Living God)


Isaiah 44:16

20.  I Am The King Of Israel


21.  I Am The redeemer of Israel


22.  I Am The Lord of Hosts


23.  I Am the First And The Last


24.  Besides Me There Is No God


25.  He Can Command Future Events to Happen as He Wills Them To Be


Isaiah 44:17

26.  He Can Declare them With Every Degree of Certainty


27.  He Can Set Them In Order – arrange Future Events as to Time and Order


28.  He Can Show Things That Shall Come To pass


29.  I Have Done All These Things Since I Appointed Israel and You Are My witnesses to the Fact That Thus is True


Isaiah 44:7-8

30.  There Is No God Beside Me                            


Isaiah 44:8





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