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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

Welcome to "29 Things We Must Show Through Ourselves"

29 Things We Must Show Through Ourselves

"Things We Must Show Through Ourselves"

There are many ways we can improve the way we act and how we act towards other's, and of course how we are to show that we are believers in Jesus Christ.

When we say we Love Jesus, there is many ways we can show it, through our actions our words, our attitudes, etc Jesus showed how much He loved us, so why can't we show Him, by improving ourselves!

Jesus is PERFECT He is all anyone could ever dream to be, He was and IS our Teacher in every form we can think of.

He shows us, how we can be and show His light through our attitudes, our character, and our thoughts, our giving of ourselves and so many more ways. I have included here as all the other pages you may have read so far how we can improve how we act and talk , how we walk the Christian life.

1. Having Faith.

2. Forgiving Other's no matter what they do or say to us, WE must Forgive as Jesus Christ forgives you.

3. Our Attitudes, we must always make sure we show the right Attitude at all times.

4. Our Values as a Christian.

5. Honesty in and on word. Without it we have nothing to live by, and to teach us, how to be like Jesus Christ and to always be Honest.

6. Putting Worship First.

7. Obey God's Word, we all slip up, but we must always remember what God's word says.

8. Peace within Our Hearts.

9. Peace within our Homes, at all times.

10. Family Unity.

11. Confidence in yourself and other's.

12. A Devoted Heart, to Christ and helping others.

13. A Generous Heart, no matter if towards your worst enemy.

14. Always have a Loyal Heart.

15. Have a Faithful Peace.

16. Show Enlightenment.

17. Enablement to do God's Work and His will.

18. Being Humble, all the time, because Jesus Christ was Humble.

19. Being Christ-like, in the best way we can. Always ask for God's help and guidance.

20. Being Meek.

21. Being Bold, in what you believe in.

22. Being Caring and Loving at all times, for Jesus Christ was this way. Be caring in heart and actions and mind and attitude.

23. Having Remorse, for other's, no matter if it's your worst enemy.

24. Giving Comfort to other's, when they are in need.

25. Acceptance and always show Appreciation.

26. Show your Feelings to Him, and talk to Him. And talk to those in which you can trust.

27. Ambitions to pursue Peace & Love of God and From God.

28. Your Strength with in the Lord Jesus Christ, which He gives to Us, when we ask for it.

29. Cooperation, in and all God wants you to do, no matter if you think it's silly or not, always be ready to do it

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