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20 Commands Social - Religion 20 Commands Social - Religion
Leviticus 19:26

Like I was telling my husband and a few other's, that there is so much in the Bible, that is so full of important information, and we all need to know it, and hold it to our hearts.

I have learnt so much by researching and reading the Drake Bible, and Joyce Meyers Bible. I have found so many things, which I didn't know, and things I did know, but were explained easier for the understanding of our minds.

1. Do NOT eat anything with blood _____________Leviticus 19:26
2. Do NOT use Enchantments _________________Leviticus 19:26
3. Do NOT Observe Times ____________________Leviticus 19:26
4. Do NOT Round Corners of the Hair on your Head_____________ Leviticus 19:27
5. Do NOT Round Corners of Your Beard ________Leviticus 19:27
6. Do NOT Make Cuttings in your Flesh in Honor of the Dead _____________Leviticus 19:28
7. Do NOT Print Any Marks upon you ____________Leviticus 19:28
8. Do NOT Prostitute Your Daughter _____________Leviticus 19:29
9. Keep The Sabbath _______________________Leviticus 19:30
10.Reverence My Sanctuary _________________Leviticus 19:30
11.Regard Not Them Who Have Familiar Spirits ___Leviticus 19:31
12.Do NOT Seek Wizards _____________________Leviticus 19:31
13.Rise Up Before the Hoary Head _____________Leviticus 19:32
14.Honor the Face of the Old Man _____________Leviticus 19:32
15.Fear Your God ___________________________Leviticus 19:32
16.Do NOT Vex A Stranger ____________________Leviticus 19:33
17.Consider the Stranger Living in your Midst as one of you __________Leviticus 19:34
18.Love Him as Yourself ______________________Leviticus 19:34
19.Be Righteous in Judgment _________________Leviticus 19:35
20.Be Honest in Your Dealings Having Just Weights, Balances, Measures___ Leviticus 19:35-36

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