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 20 Facts About God You Should Know 20 Facts About God You Should Know
Nahum 1

Like I was telling my husband and a few other's, that there is so much in the Bible, that is so full of important information, and we all need to know it, and hold it to our hearts.

I have learnt so much by researching and reading the Drake Bible, and Joyce Meyers Bible. I have found so many things, which I didn't know, and things I did know, but were explained easier for the understanding of our minds.

1. He manifests Jealousy _____________Nahum 1:2
2. Demonstrates Anger ______________Nahum 1:2-3
3. Takes Vengeance on Enemies _______Nahum 1:2
4. Reserves Wrath for Enemies
5. I am Slow to Anger ______________Nahum 1:3
6. Has Great Power
7. Will not Acquit the Wicked
8. He Has His way in the Whirl Wind
9. He has His way in the Storm
10.Stand on the Clouds
11.Rebukes the Sea ______________Nahum 1:4
12.Makes the Sea Dry
13.Dries up the Rivers
14.Causes Earthquakes ___________Nahum 1:5-6
15.Will Renovate the Earth ________Nahum 1:5
16.Noone can stand before His Wrath ___Nahum 1:6
17.He is Good __________________Nahum 1:7
18.He is a Stronghold in the day of trouble
19.He knows them that Trust Him
20.He Brings Judgments when Needed _____Nahum1:8-14




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