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14 Sins of The Hypocrites

Isaiah 58:1

Have you ever noticed, that people call other people hypocrites and are not even sure what it means, or just assuming that a person is a hypocrite just because they make a mistake or do something which they don’t do or think they should do?

hyp·o·crite  noun \Èhi-pY-Ìkrit\

: a person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs

I have listed from the bible “14 Sins of the Hypocrites” and they can be found in the Book of Isaiah! These are mainly on when we fast.

I really hope this helps many people, because there are some things which are not here that can make people a actual hypocrite, but we are not to Judge other’s neither.

Now watch and read, because this will help you not become a hypocrite.

14 Sins of The Hypocrites

 1.      They Seek God Daily : Isaiah 58:2 , They are seeking being only an outward show to attract attention to sell and deceive others.

2.      Delight to know God’s Ways : Isaiah 58:2 , They pretend to delight to know His Ways, and do carry out many, rituals but the heart is far from Jehovah ( Isaiah 29:13)

3.      They Act As a Nation : Isaiah 58:2 , Which has done righteousness. They consider their acts consisting of outward forms and rituals, while they continually break God’s laws. Isaiah 1:4-15 Even in the days of Christ they very ones who would not enter a half lest they be defiled so they could not eat the passover, were crying out, demanding the murders of their Messiah (John 18:28 )

4.      They Act As If they did not want to forsake the Ordinances of God :  Isaiah 58:2 , This refers to Ordinances pertaining to the outlined rituals and forms of religions. Hypocrites are always careful not to violate any scruple that does not affect morals or restrain them from living in open sin and Idolatry (Isaiah 1:4-15 )

5.      They Ask of Me Ordinary Justice : Isaiah 58:2 , Their priests and rulers consult about law, but at the same time they are filled with oppression, strife, murder, and wickedness. ( Isaiah 1:4-15, 5:8-23, 6:10, Matthew 23 )

6.      They Delight in Approaching God : Isaiah 58:2 , Their delight being in Hypocritical practices for they think that outward religion pleases God.  ( Isaiah 1:4-15, Matthew 23 )

7.      They complain that their Feasts and Strict Observances of Rituals and Forms are Ignored By God : Isaiah 58:3 , This fact alone should be enough to prove that they are rebels against God in spite of their outward religion.

8.      They Complain That God has taken no knowledge of their afflictions of the Soul : Isaiah 58:3 , By their few acts of self – denial they seek to put God under the obligation to do things for Him,

9.      They make fast days, times of pleasure to relieve discomforts of self denial.

10.  They are exact to the letter : Isaiah 58:3 , The demands made upon those who labor for them, getting all is due them.

11.  They make their fasta periods of contention and strife. Isaiah 58:4

12.  They make their fasts times of religion show to the public : Isaiah 58:4 , By mourning, wailing and throwing dust and asks upon themselves.

13.  They make their fasts periods of afflictions and pretended sufferings : Isaiah 58:5

14.  They go around appearing unto men that they are fasting : Isaiah 58:5

The purpose of this Chapter is to rebuke Judah for dependence upon performance of the outward show in Religion, and by claiming protection from God because of such rites. 

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