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 14 Facts Of Right Doings 14 Facts Of Right Doings
Romans 3:26


We all can see the turmoil which this world is in, and it's not because of doing things right. It is because of the wrong doings... that's why I created a image for the results of what happens with the wrong doings of people who refuse to repent.

The Bible however, gives so many blessings and gifts to those who do right, and obey God's word. But, if we refuse, well you are looking and listening to it on the news everyday.

It also, has to do with our leaders in the government to, but if people all around the world would just repent all this would stop.

But, there are millions who refuse.... I have listed "14 Facts of Right Doings" which we all can receive and experience if people would just repent. Many of us already are experiencing the goodness and blessings of God, which He promised us in His word.

But, there are so many who will never experience it because they refuse to repent of all their sins.

14 Facts Of Right Doings


Revealed In The Gospel

  • Romans 1:17


Not Commended by Unrighteousness

  • Romans 3:5


Manifested apart from the Law

  • Romans 3:21


Witnessed by the law and Prophets



Freely Given to All Alike

  • Romans 3:22-25


Imputed by Faith Without Works or Law

  • Romans 3:22, 4:3,5,13,22


It is God's Right Doing in Remitting Sins Through Christ

  • Romans 3:25

  • 1 John 1:9


It is Christ's Right Doing Because He Did All That was Reported of God to Redeem Men

  • Romans 5:18

  • 1 Corinthians 1:30


The Medium of Grace

  • Romans 5:21


A requirement of Saints

  • Romans 6:13-20


It produces Life

  • Romans 8:10


The Law required it, but Could not Give it

  • Romans 8:4, 9:31-32, 10:4-6


Produced by The Holy Spirit

  • Romans 14:17


Conditions of Receiving it

  • Romans 3:22, 4:1-5,11, 6:13-19, 8:1-10, 10:9-10



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