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14 Facts About the Antichrist

 14 Facts About the Antichrist
Isaiah 14:5

The Anti-Christ is particularly called the wicked Isaiah 14:5, 11:4 and that wicked 2 Timothy 2:8, because he is that man of sin who opposes God and all that is called God. 2 Timothy 2:3-4

There is just so much to learn from the Bible and so much information which God made sure we all had when He created the world and provided people to write what He told them to, and what everything means!

1.  The King of Babylon _____________________Isaiah 14:4
2.  The Wicked ____________________________Isaiah 14:5, 11:4,2 , 2 Timothy 2:8
3.  Supreme Power of Rulers _________________Isaiah 14:5
4.  The Destroyer of people __________________Isaiah 14:6
5.  Ruler of Nations ________________________Isaiah 14:6, Revelations 13
6.  Persecution of Saints ____________________Isaiah 14:16
7.  Oppressor of the Earth ___________________Isaiah 14:16
8.  Conqueror of Nations ____________________Isaiah 14:20
9.  Scourge of the Earth _____________________Isaiah 14:17,20
10. Destroyer of Cities
11. Unmerciful to Captives
12. Betrayer and Murder of His Own People _____Isaiah 14:20
13. The Assyrian __________________________Isaiah 14:25, Micah 5:1-8
14. Oppressors of Israel ____________________
Isaiah 14:25




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