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Welcome to Heaven's Beauty / Wisdom Of Our Lord Jesus

Welcome to "10 Keys to Prayer " / Psalms 86:1

10 Keys to Prayer

"10 Keys to Prayer "

Ever wonder how to Pray a Good Prayer and it reach the Heavens? Have you always wondered the Keys to a Prayer? Here are the 10 Keys to Effective Praying!

1. Psalm 86:1 Humility before God
2. Psalm 86:2 Trust in God
3. Psalm 86:3 Persistence
4. Psalm 86:4-5 Understanding the nature and character of God
5. Psalm 86:7 Being in need
6. Psalm 86:8-10 Worship
7. Psalm 86:11 Undivided heart
8. Psalm 86:12-13 Recognize Jesus as Savior/forgiver of sins

The Benefits of Prayer

9. Psalm 86:14-16 Protection/strength/experience love and compassion of God
10. Psalm 86:17 Favor and blessing of God




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