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10 Fold State Of Sinners10 Fold State Of Sinners

Isaiah 64:6

Didn't know that there is so many sins, and things we shouldn't do or say, or be a part of. But, wow there is so much that is considered a sin.

So much that we shouldn't do and should stay away from.

Things which are considered a sin, many people have committed and I kind of feel like I cannot get it right no matter which way I try, but I know one thing for sure.... God, is here to help me and He is here to save me, and guide me along my way.

I have listed "10 Fold State Of Sinners" and I do hope this example will help you in a way that helps you read the scripture and see what it says, for you.

10 Fold State Of Sinners

1.We Have Sinned

Isaiah 64:5

2.Unclean, Ceremonially and Morally

Isaiah 64:6

3.All Righteousness are a Filthy Menustrous rags

4.Fade as a Leaf

5.Taken Away by Sins like the Wind takes away Chaft

6. None Calls Upon Godís Name†

Isaiah 64:7

7.None Stirs Himself to take Hold of God

8.Godís Face Hidden from Him

9.Consumed Because of Since Under Godís Wrath

Isaiah 64:5,9†††††††

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