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Welcome to "102 Facts About the Devil Outline"

102 Facts About the Devil Outline

"Facts About the Devil Outline"

I thought this was really interesting about the devil, explaining in the outline, what are demons, why are they here and where satan came from, his evil ways, and all the bad things he does.

Why he got kicked out of heaven and just so much more interesting facts. I did my best to outline it the way I found it. The resource is at the bottom of the page. I hope and pray you find this useful.

Facts About the Devil Outline


A. God does not create evil

  • God created Lucifer

  • Lucifer means "Son of the morning" and was the anointed cherub who covered the throne of God.

  • He was in Eden and was perfect until iniquity was found in him

  • Lucifer made a decision to be evil and became Satan

  • He became proud—Isaiah 14:12-17

  • Evil came out of his own heart

B. When he fell, he took a third of the angels with him

C. Satan hates us because we are made in the image of God

D. Something happened between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2

  • Jeremiah tells us God created the earth perfect and inhabited and that it fell into desolation

  • God put Lucifer over the earth but when he fell, he lost that authority

  • Lucifer ruined the earth and brought chaos—Jeremiah 4:23-26

  • God sent the Holy Spirit to bring cosmos out of chaos

  • Peter says the earth was under a tremendous amount of water —II Peter 3:5-7

E. Lucifer was over the inhabitants of the earth and when he fell, they were judged too

  • The spirits of these people became demonic spirits

  • They go about trying to get into men's bodies because they lost theirs; they want to destroy men

F. Angels don't try to inhabit men

G. Angels "fly" through the air and demons do not—Daniel 9:21

H. Fallen angels inhabit the heavenlies and not the earth

  • Satan is the ruler of the power of the air—Ephesians 2:2

  • Fallen angels are in the air and come over nations; they are the principalities and powers and rulers of darkness—Ephesians 6:12

  • We sit in heavenly places with Christ and will judge these principalities and powers of the air

I. Demon spirits are on the earth and seek habitations

  • When "Legion" was cast out of the demoniac, the demons asked to enter into the pigs

  • When demons are cast out, they walk through dry places looking for another person to enter—Matthew 12:43

J. Angels have bodies but demons don't

K. The Bible calls demons "evil spirits," "unclean spirits," and "demons"

L. Demons have personalities can think, speak, act, and carry out Satan's evil plans and purposes against mankind.

  • Demons believe in Jesus and tremble.

M. Demons are intelligent, have a will, and are able to act according to their evil natures.

N. They are invisible, like the one which manifested through the boy who had convulsions and threw himself into the fire


A. Demons possess unusual supernatural strength and can come into a person in large numbers

  • No one could bind the man inhabited by Legion

  • All the demons he had couldn't stop him from coming to Jesus for help

  • Jesus cast out 2,000 demons from him

B. Demons wanted to talk in Luke 4:41 but Jesus wouldn't let them

  • Evil spirits came out with shrieks—Acts 8:7

C. Demons have names as in deaf, blind, dumb, crippling spirits, etc. —Matthew 12:22; Mark 9:25; Luke 13:11; Acts 16:16

D. The seven sons of Sceva went around calling out evil spirits in the name of Jesus, whom Paul preached

  • The demons acknowledged Jesus and Paul but not them; they attacked the seven sons of Sceva

  • When dealing with demons, you must operate as a blood-washed believer and with the Word of God

E. Demons have knowledge

  • They know Who Jesus is

  • They know of their future

  • They know who has power over them


A. We can bind demons and cast them out in the name of Jesus

B. Symbols of demons

  • Fowls of the air who come to steal—Matthew 13:4-19

  • Serpents and vipers

  • Unclean frogs—Revelation 16:13,14

  • Unclean caged birds—Revelation 18:1-3

  • Locusts from the bottomless pit—Revelation 9:1-10

C. Some demons are stronger than others

  • Jesus told the disciples some are so strong that they will go out only by fasting and prayer—Mark 9:29

  • If you are going to deal with demons, you have to spend time in the Word, prayer, and personal cleansing

D. Demons have willpower and will fight and resist you.

  • They can't resist the name of Jesus, His blood, or His Word

  • They are subject to the sovereignty of Jesus

  • When Jesus rose from the dead, He spoiled principalities, powers, and Satan

E. Demon spirits can make people sick

  • Sickness is a bondage of Satan—Luke 13:16

  • Sickness is an oppression of the devil—Acts 10:38

F. Demons are the source of temptation and enticement to sin

  • Demons pull on people, deceive their minds, and lure their flesh

  • They carry out the will of Satan and make sin look attractive

  • The end of sin is death

G. They attack and wage war against the minds of men with fear, oppression, and depression

  • They are responsible for mental and emotional breakdowns

  • They will do their best to make people insane and commit suicide

  • The biggest battles we fight are in the mind

H. Demons deceive through false prophets, religions, and doctrines

  • In the last days, men will go after seducing spirits—I Timothy 4:1,2

I. Demon spirits enslave people in alcohol, drugs, and all kinds of sexual sin

  • As people continue to sin in a certain area, they soon discover they don't have the power to stop it

J. Demons defile people by getting them into the occult

  • Behind every idol is a demon spirit

  • Demons are malignant

K. There are two extremes in how people view demons

  • Some people see demons everywhere; they have a big devil and a little God

  • Some people don't believe in demons


A. It's important to know when a problem is of the flesh and when it is demonic

B. A Christian cannot be demon-possessed

  • He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world

  • We are "sealed" with the Holy Spirit of promise—Ephesians 1:13

C. Possession means a "complete takeover"; spirit, soul, and body are possessed and controlled by demonic activity

D. There are certain things which can "give place" to the enemy in our lives

  • Don't be angry and give place to the devil—Ephesians 4:26,27

E. Resist the devil and he will flee—James 4:7

  • Submit to God, then you will have the strength to resist the devil

F. Works of the flesh can also be secret sins which give the enemy an opportunity to build a stronghold in our lives

  • When you continually yield to bitterness, it can become an obsession

  • When you compromise with the world, entertain fleshly thoughts, play around with sin, and serve the works of the flesh, you give place to the enemy

G. The "works of the flesh" are adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revelings, and such—Galatians 5:19-21

  • To get rid of a work of the flesh, repent; ask for the cleansing of the blood when you admit and confess your sin

  • Reckon yourself dead unto sin and alive unto God


A. Steps into demonic influence

  • The works of the flesh become habits which become strongholds of the enemy

  • The habit becomes compulsive behavior and you are driven by it

B. Deliverance should occur when demons enter and establish strongholds in your life

  • Once the deliverance occurs, you have to know how to resist the flesh and walk in the Spirit; otherwise your deliverance won't be maintained

  • Identify when your flesh still wants to do something

  • Crucify the flesh, reckon yourself dead to sin and alive unto God

C. There are six ways to protect yourself from demons

  • Don't give the devil place in your life through sin or compromise with your flesh

  • Daily put on the whole armor of God—Ephesians 6:10-18

  • Walk in the covering and protection of the blood of Jesus

  • Resist the devil by speaking the Word against him

  • Live in victory over the devil and demons by depending upon the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit

  • Make a commitment to a local church


A. Demon means "distribute"

B. Jesus called the devil, Satan, an adversary, accuser, and Beelzebub (means "lord of flies")

C. Jesus referred to Satan

  • Jesus told Satan to get behind Him

  • He spoke of Satan leaving a strong, undivided house

  • He spoke directly to Satan when he tempted Him

  • He referred to Satan in the parable of the sower and the seed

  • When the disciples returned and told Jesus that the demons were subject to them, Jesus told them He saw Satan fall as lightning from heaven

  • A woman who was bowed over was bound by Satan for 18 years

D. Demon spirits can cause arthritis and deformities, muteness, fevers, and other sicknesses and diseases

E. They can afflict a person to the point of insanity

F. They propagate false doctrines and are the forces behind cults

G. Demons seduce people into sin and heresies

H. Demonic spirits can drive people to suicide

I. Enemy means "one who hates you"


A. Demons can enter people's lives through drugs and alcohol

  • The ravages of alcohol—Proverbs 23:29-33

B. Demons can enter through the occult—Deuteronomy 7:26

  • Occult things that open the door for demonic activity include fortune telling, numerology, palmistry, Tarot cards, Ouija board, astrology, belief in reincarnation, sorcery, handwriting analysis, karate and martial arts, tea-leaf reading, crystal ball gazing, crystals, hypnotism, automatic writing, E.S.P., telepathy, psychic healing, wearing charms, yoga exercises, and hard rock or heavy metal music.

C. Demons can enter children through their parents—Exodus 20:1-5

D. Demons can enter through continual sin

E. Demons can enter through your thought life—through "transference"

  • Transference occurs with movies that are vile; filthy videos that are full of fear, horror, or lust; pornography; and through sexual intercourse


A. Jesus addressed demons, talked to them, and cast them out

  • He had authority so they came out

  • He gave us the same authority

B. Demons will always distract you from Jesus and to themselves

  • The mute boy who was demonized started convulsing, trying to draw attention to what was going on in the boy—Mark 9:20-26

C. Jesus encouraged those who had been delivered to testify of their deliverance

  • When the Gadarene demoniac was delivered, he wanted to be with Jesus

  • Jesus told him to show himself to his family and testify

D. There was never an occasion where a demon didn't ultimately submit to Jesus

  • Jesus is the ultimate, supreme authority

  • Jesus is stronger than all the demons and Satan


A. Jesus publicly dealt with demonized people

B. When Jesus commanded the demons to come out, there were often powerful physical manifestations

  • The demons screamed or tore the person as they left

C. Jesus did not "counsel" demons; He "commanded" them to come out and they did so immediately

  • When parents brought demonized children to Christ, He required faith on the part of the parents for their children's deliverance

  • Parents stood in proxy for their children

D. Sometimes Jesus laid hands on people; other times, He just cast out spirits by His Word

E. Jesus cast out demons by the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit

  • Keep your life in line with God by praying in the Spirit

  • The anointing will destroy the yoke

F. Jesus never told the demons to go to hell or to the pit

  • He knew there was a preordained time for that

G. When Jesus commissioned the disciples to preach the gospel, He also told them to cast out demons—Matthew 10:1; Luke 9:1; horoscopes,

  • He commanded you to do it

H. To win in spiritual warfare, YOU MUST know who your real enemy is

  • You must discern the spirits behind your circumstances through the Word and prayer

I. Know the devices he uses

  • He uses people with influence over you, those you love, and those in religious or spiritual positions

  • He will attack your body

  • The devil will tempt you in idle times

J. Know the triumphs of Jesus—Colossians 2:15

  • Jesus has already won, so your victory comes through His

  • In Him, you have already won

K. All Satanic activity must bow to the name of Jesus Christ

L. Know your weapons and armor—Ephesians 6:10-18


A. You can discern demonic activity through certain signs.

  • Demons are often behind lying, unclean talk, blasphemy, gossip, slander, strife and discord, and a critical tongue

  • Evil spirits are out to destroy you, so when you are driven, compelled, or out of control, that's demonic activity

  • Demonic activity can come through the thought life—impure thoughts, fear, depression, rejection, doubt, compulsive worry and anxiety, self- hatred, indecision, confusion, procrastination, perversion, sexual lust, fantasizing, extreme moodiness, violent thoughts of envy, jealousy, revenge, hatred, suicide, unbelief; these are antichrist, anti-God, and anti-Bible

  • If you are driven to commit fornication, adultery, perverted sex, or homosexuality, you are controlled by a demon; lust began it, but you are now controlled by a demon and under the influence of unclean spirits

  • Chronic sickness or hereditary illness is the work of demons

  • Demonic activity in the spirit of man includes consulting the dead, witchcraft, sorcery, Satanism, wizardry, or spells; these are in the religious realm and deal with the spirit part of man.

B. The Holy Spirit never drives you; He leads you

C. To be free, be committed to living a holy life

D. As long as you have your consecration, the devil has a problem with you; if you lose your consecration, he doesn't have a problem but you do

  • Samson's anointing wasn't in his hair; it was in his consecration

  • When you lose the anointing, you lose your consecration

E. Realize who you are in Christ and put on the whole armor of God

  • Demons are under your feet

  • Stay away from the devil's territory

  • Resist the devil and he will flee

F. Get involved in a church

G. You can minister deliverance to others and to yourself

  • The devil understands authority, but do you?

H. Jude 6-9 tells you of the demise of fallen angels

  • Fallen angels are going to burn forever

I. Satan will no longer rule as the prince of the power of the air but will be cast to the earth—Revelation 12:9-11

  • When the rapture occurs, he will no longer have access to heaven

J. The outcome of the devil, demons, and fallen angels is the lake of fire —Revelation 20:10

BIBLIOGRAPHY/SUGGESTED READING Robertson, Norman K. The Believer's School of Training, Ministering in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Charlotte, NC: NRM Publications, 1994 Morgan, G. Campbell. The Teaching of Christ. Old Tappan, NJ: Revell Company, 1913

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