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100 Things We Must Do To Walk Right101 Things We Must Do To Walk Right

A lot, of us wonder what all we need to do, in order to do all we can to be the Best we can. Hereís some things that will help you get a head start.

If, we practice everyday and show other's to do the same, you'd be surprised as this can have a serious impact on the world and those around us.

It's not hard, most of us do these anyway, but some do not and it will help each and everyone climb closer to the throne of God and become a better person and follower of Jesus Christ!

101 Things We Must Do To Walk Right

  1. Walking in Truth

  2. Working in Truth, not just walking

  3. Welcoming the Truth

  4. Witnessing the Truth

  5. Knowing the Truth and Practicing it

  6. Defending the Truth

  7. Going to the Truth, not beyond it

  8. Sacrificing things in your life

  9. Do NOT Deliberately Sin

  10. Praying for all the People not just a few

  11. Pray for ALL Everyone needs help and healing, somewhere in their lives

  12. Praying always, off and on throughout during the day, where ever see a minute

  13. Always have Faith, never doubt, things wonít happen like they will if you stay stead fast

  14. Always Forgive never hold grudges

  15. Learn Godís Word

  16. Focus on the Ministries

  17. Obey Godís Word and His Laws

  18. Face the Enemy Tell Him where to get off at

  19. Follow the right examples

  20. Stay with the Bible

  21. Always watch your Attitudes you never know whoís watching you, that you can may bring to the Lord

  22. Watch your Values

  23. Watch your Testimony

  24. Watch your Stewardship

  25. Watch your Moves and actions

  26. Watch your Conduct

  27. Watch yourself against the Devourer SATAN

  28. Worship God, in music, praying, etc.

  29. Exercise yourself Spiritually

  30. Always Give Yourself Confidence

  31. Help bring Family Peace

  32. Help bring Faithful Peace

  33. Always have Hope

  34. Have more Quiet time

  35. Have more Love

  36. Have more Holiness

  37. Have more Hopefulness

  38. Have more Eagerness

  39. Have more Blamelessness

  40. Have more Faithfulness in Christ

  41. Have more Gentleness

  42. Have more Grace, be Humble

  43. Serve Him more in all ways you can

  44. Let no one Defraud you, be on Guard

  45. Let no one Judge You

  46. Let no one Deceive you

  47. Let no one Cheat you

  48. Rejoice to Him

  49. Reach Out to Him

  50. Watch your Enemies

  51. Watch your Circumstances

  52. Impurity

  1. Immaturity (Donít)

  2. Salvation is of God

  3. Salvation is of Grace

  4. Salvation is for Godís Glory and for His People

  5. Salvation reveals God Greatness

  6. Pray In His Will

  7. Have Enlightenment Praying

  8. Have Enablement

  9. Know youíre praying in Godís Will

  10. See the Cross Clearly

  11. See your Leaders Appreciatively

  12. See Yourself Honestly

  13. See Otherís Humbly

  14. Walk In The Spirit

  15. Ignore Exhortation

  16. Examine Yourself

  17. Watch for the Destroyer

  18. Be Devoted

  19. Donít be Disqualified

  20. Donít be Disobedient

  21. Except what God Gives you

  22. Keep Your Eyes on the Lord, never Remove them

  23. Use all the Spiritual Weapons you can get your hands on

  24. Be Christ-like

  25. Be Meek, and Show Meekness

  26. Be Bold Ė and Show Boldness

  27. Motivate Faith by Grace

  28. Surrender To The Lord

  29. Be Always Caring

  30. Show Remorse

  31. Be Comforting to Otherís Like Jesus was

  32. Put away sin & Evil Around you

  33. Come out from them who is evil and do evil

  34. Give Repentance All the Time

  35. Show Acceptance and Appreciation

  36. Always AIM TO PLEASE GOD not otherís, they cannot get you into Heaven

  37. Show that you have Feelings and a Heart

  38. Show Love for Christ so otherís can see you LOVE Him

  39. Love the Needy, Jesus did (WWJD)

  40. Love even your Leaderís even though you DO NOT AGREE with them

  41. Love the Church

  42. Love gives eternity to Life

  43. Love puts Maturity into

  44. There is One Lord, One Body, One Danger

  45. Be willing to Receive Godís blessing

  46. Be willing accept Godís Judgmentís

  47. Always Accept Godís Promises, he gave them to you

  48. Accept Godís Glory

  49. Life is controlled by conscience

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